Tips for dressing up casino style

It is common knowledge that you shouldn’t go to a casino with your comfy but too relaxed casual wear. It is a reason to dress up and bringing your A-game will just make you more of a serious player. You need to look like a winner when you step into that casino. There are casinos in Las Vegas that promote glitz and glamour and where a dress code is applicable. A night at any casino should give you enough reason to dress up and look good. Looking elegant will make you feel elegant and ready to take on the slots or the tables. Click here for tips on the tables.

Tips for dressing up casino style

There is nothing wrong with dressing the part for ladies with sequined dresses and a pair of heels. If you don’t feel like wearing a dress you can always opt for a sexy top with black pants and heels. If you are thinking sequins though you might want to go for gold, silver, red or black to make the biggest statement. It is always a good idea to add a shiny top to a pair of black pants to stand out. It is important to get a dressy pair of pants and not settle for a casual pair that is faded. Simple black heels will always do the trick unless you are the more creative type of person that enjoys exploring with red heels or even gold. Peep toe pumps will also do the trick with some interesting and sparkling jewelry to match. A clutch is your best bet and will give you a more convenient experience if you aren’t looking for a huge bag to cart around.

If you are in the mood to dress casual and perhaps stay in your slippers you could always take a look at bitcoin blackjack which will give you the same thrill of the cards while you are in the comfort of your own home. This is a convenient way of trying your luck if you really don’t feel like hours of preparation and getting ready for your night out. Make the most of your night at home with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of your favorite red wine.

For the guys a pair of dressy trousers that are grey or black with a button down shirt will definitely do the trick. Guys don’t need as many accessories and will look the part with the right hairstyle and clothing. This is a good time to get rid of your sneakers and to bring out your smart shoes to compliment your look. Oxford style shoes are always elegant and look fantastic with the right pair of pants. Click here for elegant dressing tips for men. The most important part of your evening at the casino is that you enjoy your night and that you look and feel like a winner even if you aren’t lucky. Walk out with pride and a smile on your face as you look like a million bucks.

Five 90s Trends That Have Made a Major Comeback

You can’t deny it, the 90s gave us a lot. From S Club 7 to Saved by The Bell. Beyond any doubt in the past we’d wince at the possibility of re-living style patterns from that decade, yet enough time has passed and we’re feeling nostalgic for the decade that brought us grunge, rave and hip jump. There’s no doubt in the fact that you can easily rock an audrey hepburn dress and have it looking like a dress of 2017.

Five 90s Trends That Have Made a Major Comeback

1.The Choker

Obviously we needed to begin with this. The choker was the quintessential accessory of the 90s and it appears big names (some of whom made it mainstream in those days as well) have taken this neckpiece back to the front line of form. The choker is ideal for adding an edge to the least difficult of outfits. You can go strong like this clasp point by point choker or keep it simple – and it doesn’t get more basic than a simple strip of fabric.

  1. Matching Separates

We can all remember when color co-ordination from tip to toe allowed us the title of fashionista. Furthermore, we all also remember when this marvel left style towards the start of the new thousand years. Well it’s back! Perhaps not as outrageous as coordinating your accessories with your garments, however color co-ordination is certainly in and the conceivable outcomes are [almost] inestimable. Pick between the full athleisure look with a marked tracksuit. Brandish a more figure embracing top and skirt combo for a night out. Locate your happy medium with easygoing co-ords or go for more expert choices of this pattern.

  1. Off-the-shoulder

The cold shoulder trend has been hot, hot, hot amid Spring/Summer ’16, however we know this has 90s composed on top of it. On the off chance that you remember the collarbone ruler, Kelly Kapowski, you’ll most likely picture her in either an edited bralette or an off-the-shoulder best. The pattern gradually inched in 2014 and has since detonated on the design scene. You can now parade this complimenting pattern in various routes; from a sultry bodycon to a more fun loving fit with decorations.

  1. Backpacks

This may be our most loved of the considerable number of 90s rebounds. At last, design symbol status can be accomplished without yielding a shoulder and building up a Quasimodo style step (another 90s Disney great). The backpack makeover implies we can now go to work – portable PC and lunch close by – without brandishing the feared suburbanite meets-mentor meets-going-on-a-family-climb look. Backpacks like nylon zip trim backpack have updated from storage equipment to fashion statements in their own special way.

  1. The Scrunchie

Who didn’t love a scrunchie?! Yet, oh, much the same as our pedal pushers, we dropped out of love with them faster than you can state Y2K and proceeded onward to more attentive utensils to tie up our hair. All things considered, quick forward two decades and they’re ready to get it done. Much the same as your school days, you can discover plain scrunchies, metallic scrunchies and even hide scrunchies. Win!

Why you should dress to impress at work

Everyone has days where dressing up just seems like an effort. Sometimes we don’t want to spend hours doing our hair or makeup and browse through outfits to find the best one. These are the days where it shows that we made no effort to look good. It has something to do with self-worth and sometimes it is just worth it to dress up and look good for work or wherever we might be heading. It is a known fact that when you look good you feel good. Click here to get tips on matching outfit items.

Why you should dress to impress at work

First of all it is always good to be prepared for anything. You might run into someone that you knew years ago, perhaps an ex or the future love of your life. You want to look good if any of these scenarios occur. Be prepared for anything by dressing up and looking your best all the time. Leave the pajamas and wild hair for days spent at home. It is best to always have a neat appearance. You might even have to deal with an out of the blue client or potential employer. This does not mean you have to be dressed in business attire at all times but just coordinate your outfit well. Take a look at Dove Medical Press. These guys do medical research daily and post interesting studies online. Imagine a doctor didn’t dress well? Would we trust him to perform a medical procedure? First impressions last, this is a fact.

It has also been said that your spirit lifts when you dress well. You will feel better about yourself and enjoy your day as things just fall into place. With a stellar appearance problems won’t seem as impossible to solve as it would if you look like a slouch. It will show your employers that you are serious about work and that you intend to do your best in every avenue.  This should include minor details such as accessories. It also doesn’t really help to just dress well. You need to do your hair and take good care of your nails. Take a bit of time to make sure your shoes are clean and in good condition. Why not go all the way and be the best you can be? Chipped nail polish just looks unkempt.

If you are lucky enough to go for an interview remember that this is the part where you really need to pull out the stops. Companies like to hire people that are professional and look the part. They can decide in ten seconds if they want you as staff or not so make time to give the best first impression you possibly can. Click here for more interview tips. Remember that everyone doesn’t have the budget to buy new and stylish clothes all the time so it is up to you to take care of your clothes. This is where a little maintenance goes a long way.

How to Dress Elegantly for Fall

You may be one of those people who are highly concerned about the outfits that you are going to wear. You check out trends and follow some because you believe that it can help improve your appearance. At the same time, you think of fashion as a sort of expression. You can express your current mood and your personality through the clothes that you wear.

How to Dress Elegantly for Fall

No matter what you are wearing, you need to make sure that you will carry it with elegance. You can always search for cool websites online that will give you a better idea about how you can dress well for fall. The best thing is that aside from fashion, you will learn a lot of facts about different topics as well. If you want to become inspired for the Christmas outfits that you are going to wear, you will not be disappointed with what you will find.

To dress elegantly for the fall season, here are some things that you can try:

  1. Keep your outfit simple – To show that you love the fall season, you do not have to dress up like the other runway models. You can dress up in a simple manner. Make sure that you have your usual jeans that you are comfortable with, boots, a top and then place a lot of attention to your jacket. Statement jackets are important for fall.
  2. Consider thigh high boots – There is a big possibility that you would like to try wearing your thigh high boots this time around. You can pair your thigh high boots with a dress that goes above the knee. Pair with a trench coat that has a similar shade to your thigh high boots and you will never fail to look classy.
  3. Add a bit of red – It has been confirmed that red is the official color for fall and possibly even winter. You may want to add a bit of red to your outfit but do not overdo it. You may add a bit of red through your accessories too if you do not think that red flatters your skin color.
  4. Pay attention to your accessories – The accessories that you are going to wear will make a huge difference with how your outfits will look like. You need to pick accessories that are enough to complement your outfit. Remember that when you overdo your accessories, your outfit will not look too obvious anymore.
  5. Take out your velvet – You did not find much use for your velvet clothes during spring and summer but you can take them out now for autumn and use them till the early days of winter.

Can you still think of other tips on how you can dress elegantly for fall? Remember that what may look great on other people may not look good on you. What also looks good on you may not be that appealing on other people. It is all about knowing what looks great on you, your skin color and your body type.

Document Your Life through Elegant Journaling

Life passes by quickly.  There are a lot of wonderful sights, experiences, activities, lessons and events in your life that you forget about so easy.  You think that something is completely unforgettable but add a busy lifestyle and a few years and you will forget all about some of those major things in your life and tiny details of your holidays and more.  A journal is just what you need to remember your fabulous life.

What is journaling?

A journal is a record of your thoughts, feelings, life, experiences and observations.  Journaling has a lot of terrific therapeutic benefits to you.  You learn to know yourself better.  You combat stress and anxiety and you get through terrible emotional battles much quicker.  Journaling is also great for healing from traumatic experiences.

Different types of journaling?

You can practice different types of journaling for different reasons.  You can keep a journal to document your life.  You can use your journal to overcome trauma by focusing on your feelings and thoughts each day.  You can use your journal to document the things your children does or to document all the places you visit.  The possibilities for journaling are endless.

Document Your Life through Elegant Journaling

Learn how to do hand lettering

Not everyone has the ability to write beautifully or to create hand lettering artworks.  Your journal will look a lot better if you can write in different styles and if you have some calligraphy skills. With good hand lettering skills you can capture beautiful quotes and phrases in your journal and transform journaling from boring to elegant.  CreativeLive has a terrific tutorial for hand lettering for beginners where you can learn how to write beautifully and how to space words and phrases creatively.

Learn how to draw doodles

Adding a few doodles to each day’s journaling session will make your diary or journal much more interesting and beautiful.  Doodling involves creating line art pictures.  You don’t have to be a major artist to doodle and your journal will look like a work of art when you start using doodles in your work.

Add some color with watercolor paint

A bit of color will transform your journal completely.  You can use color to highlight certain events, goals or achievements or to make your journal look like a priceless work of art.  Watercolor paint is terrific for journaling because it is affordable and so easy to master.  With watercolor paint you can color your doodles or perhaps draw pictures of certain landscapes and things that you want to remember.  All you need is a few watercolor painting techniques and you will make the best looking journals ever.

Add memorable

You can make your journal more interesting by adding some memorable items like a chocolate paper wrapper, a movie ticket, photos, stamps and more.  These memorable items are great for spicing up traveling journals.

Search the web for inspiration

The web is a terrific source of ideas for your journals.  You can scout pinterest for some of the most beautiful ideas and concepts for journaling.  Other people’s ideas and way of doodling and journaling will help you develop your own journaling skills much faster and will help you switch things up regularly so your journal won’t become boring.

What to wear for every occasion

Perfecting our dress sense seems to be rather challenging especially if we want to dress right for any occasion. There are many occasions to consider here for example a black tie event or a cocktail party. There is also business attire and casual wear. What is the right combination when we have so many items of clothing to choose from? It becomes tricky when you receive an invitation with direct specifications on what to wear for the specific occasion. This article will cover a couple of outfits that will be suitable for certain occasions.

We are going to start with a simple yet popular choice, the infamous smart-casual outfit.  We almost always get this one wrong. For ladies the ideal smart-casual outfit will include either a pencil skirt or dress pants paired with a silk blouse or any other button down shirt and high heels. Gents would look good with dressy pants, collared shirt and a good pair of shoes, no tie necessary. Click here for examples of smart-casual.

What to wear for every occasion

And now stylish and elegant cocktail attire comes to mind. This is always tricky and could cost quite a bit to assemble. For the girls a shorter dress with some frill will always be a winner and this obviously includes the little black number. Remember to accessorize. For the guys a dark suit, coat and tie will match very well, you might get away with dark jeans depending on how casual the event is.

Business attire really depends on where you work which means you could pick any suitable outfit that works with your environment. If you are in an office the whole day and dealing with clients you would want to keep it corporate. Take a look at scientists and doctors for example that have to wear white coats and sometimes forget to accessorize to perk things up. These people are busy all the time so it is perfectly understood that fashion is the last thing on their mind. Dove Press lets you see how other things like medical research and revolutionary discoveries take priority. Who said you can’t look good in a lab coat while saving the world?

Lastly what in heaven’s name is the difference between black and white tie? For ladies it would be essential to wear a floor length ball gown for black and white tie. With the white tie event however it is important to add a little bit more glam for example add more jewelry and shine to your outfit. For the guys the classic tailcoat and white bow tie will be ideal for the white tie event and for the black tie they will look smashing in a black tuxedo or suit with a black tie. The idea for both these types of events is that you need to gussy up and really look the part as you would most of the time be attending an important event like a fundraiser etc. Click here to get theme inspiration for your fancy events.

How You Can Be an Elegant Huntress

Most people who think about women in hunting they immediately picture a she-man with a butch haircut and arms that are thicker than most trees.  But just because you are a huntress does not mean you have to be the hillbilly type.  You can still be your elegant, gorgeous self even though you love to explore the wild.  All it takes to remain a sexy huntress is a bit of extra effort and the right gear.


Why take up hunting?

Hunting is one of the most exhilarating sports out there.   There is nothing that gets your heart racing faster than trying to get that perfect shot.  The sport is also great when you aren’t hunting because you can enjoy sport shooting, target practice and you can even enter in large international competitions if you are incredibly good.

Look like a lady even though you’re a huntress

There are surprising a lot of wonderful hunting gear and garments that are specially developed for women.  To be a sexy huntress you will need the following:

Consider a long bow – Long bows are great for building strong arm muscles but it is one of the hardest hunting methods out there since the long bows require a lot of practice, strength and skill.

Get a crossbow – A crossbow is much easier to handle than a long bow since you don’t need that much practice or arm strength to hunt.  The crossbows are great for elegant ladies who want to enjoy their sport without sweating as much.  Women’s crossbows have a gorgeous finish, they are super easy to use and they are available in various different colors and designs.

Get the outfit – You don’t have to wear men’s baggy camouflage outfits.  There are plenty of camouflage suppliers out there that make camouflage outfits especially for women.   You can even get a pink camouflage outfit to bring out your feminine side while you go hunting.  Look for an outfit that compliments your figure so you will look and feel as elegant as a lady on her way to prom while you duck and dive in the wild.

Consider a rifle – Hunting rifles are a lot easier to hunt with than bows.  If you cannot seem master the bow then you are more of a rifle lady.  Start looking for something that suits your body type so you can still move around freely and walk around for hours without feeling too strained by the heavy gun.

Get someone to show you the ropes

There is nothing that will make you look more like a girl than stepping into the wild with no clue as to how to use your gun.  It’s dangerous and the dumbest thing you can do.  Get someone to teach you all about your gun, tracking and hunting so you can look like a pro when you are hunting.

Take a beauty kit along so you can be gorgeous on photos

The sun can be harsh.  Take a small beauty kit along on your hunts.  You should include some lip gloss or balm, sunscreen and wet wipes so you can freshen up for the hunting pictures.

Top Ways to Care Better For Your Expensive Clothes

Clothing can be terribly expensive but the right type of clothes can do a lot for your self-esteem.  Many people will spend thousands on their wardrobes because their clothes are an expression of who they are and the type of person they want to be.  When you look better and have a more unique style you actually become more unique and self-confident.  Your friends can identify with your character much easier and the right outfit for the right body can help you seem a lot slimmer, healthier and more vibrant.  Here are some terrific ways to make your favorite and most expensive clothing items last a lot longer so you can look smart even though you are wearing something old.

Top Ways to Care Better For Your Expensive Clothes

Get a water softener

Hard water causes a lot of damage to clothes.  The chemicals and minerals in hard water causes your whites to stain and appear yellowish or brownish and will result in buildup on all of your darker clothes which makes your dark clothes seem older after just a wash or two.  Hard water also makes your clothes much harder, can cause your clothes to shrink and causes your clothes to wrinkle a lot more.  A water softener is an absolute must if you want your clothes to seem brighter, cleaner and if you want them to last a lot longer because the water softener removes all of the nasty elements from water.  There are plenty of different types of water softeners on the market with different brands, sizes and levels of maintenance that you must consider before investing in the best unit for you.  To find the best unit for your home you should check out some reviews and comparisons of top water softening systems – click here to read.

Wash your clothes the right way

The type of detergent you use, the temperature of the water and the spinning cycle of your machine can also affect your clothes.  You should do a bit of research on different fabrics and on different techniques for machine washing your clothes so you can wash your expensive garments the right way.

Get a steam iron

Steam irons are much better for your clothes than other irons because the likelihood of burning the fabric is much less with a steam iron and you can get any outfit gloriously straight while it is on hanger.

Store your clothes the right way

Folding your clothes causes them to wrinkle and can leave your clothes vulnerable to rodents and insects when they are stored away for a season.  You should try to hang clothes or vacuum seal your clothes in a vacuum pack so they can be safe from pests.

Learn how to do minor repairs

Most people will throw away perfectly fine clothes due to a minor tear, a missing button or a stripped zipper.  Learning how to sew is a terrific way to extend the life of your garments because you can do minor repairs yourself.

How You Can Look Fantastic In Therapeutic Garments

It is bad enough to suffer from a medical condition such as spider veins, blood circulation problems, arthritis or blood clotting.  You shouldn’t also have to endure a lot of embarrassment when your doctor prescribes you to wear therapeutic clothing.  And luckily now thanks to compression clothing, you don’t have to feel embarrassed because compression clothing is the in thing right now and these outfits are available in a great variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors.  You can still look fantastic even though you are wearing special clothing for your medical condition.

What is compression clothing?

Compression clothing is a stretchy type of clothes that provides compression therapy to certain parts of your body.  These clothes are originally created to promote blood circulation but also have some other terrific benefits to your body because the outfits helps protect you against injuries, it speeds up recovery and it reduces pain in certain areas of your body.

Benefits of compression clothing

There are tons of benefits to wearing compression clothing which is why you see so many sportsmen and women wearing this type of outfit as uniform today.  The main benefits of compression clothing are;

  • Improved blood circulation in certain areas of your body which prevents coagulation and oxygen depravity.
  • Reduces pain in joints and muscles due to the added compression.
  • Keeps muscles protected when you are working or exercising.
  • The clothing promotes faster healing when you do get injured.
  • Prevents spider veins and bruising on your legs.

To top it off, these outfits are also incredibly comfy since they are snug fitting and will never get in your way when you are moving around.

Compression Stockings

Great looking compression garments you can try

The compression clothing ranges are nothing like what you would expect from therapeutic outfits.  The interest and benefits that sportsmen and women gained from wearing these socks spiked an interest in manufacturers who developed a great variety of styles, colors and shapes for you to choose from.   With these therapeutic outfits you can be as elegant and stylish as possible for just about any event.

Compression socks – Women and men can choose from a great variety of sizes, shapes, brands and colored socks.  You can get natural looking socks for work wear and bright colored socks for home and gym sessions and enjoy all the benefits of the compression therapy throughout the day. You can check out this site to have a look at some of the most beautiful women’s compression socks on the market.

Compression pants – These pants are great for workout sessions because you can do much tougher workouts and your muscles are much more protected.  You can also recover from leg injuries much faster and enjoy much better looking legs for longer since the pants prevent spider veins.

Compression shirts – The shirts are specially designed to add compression to your back and arms but still allows you to breathe freely and be completely flexible.

Compression sleeves – If you only need a bit of extra support for your arms then the sleeves are perfect for promoting blood flow to your fingers and they look fantastic.

Hospital Fashion Advice – How to Wear Your Stethoscope

A stethoscope is a fundamental bit of hardware for any medicinal expert. It is used for various purposes by health caretakers who include but are not limited to checking the heartbeat, listening to other sounds from within the body etc. On the off chance that you are new to the medical field, you might be confounded about how to utilize your stethoscope accurately. If you’re not too familiar with stethoscopes already, then check out a comprehensive guide to stethoscopes.

Regardless of the fact that you have been human services proficient for quite a while, it never damages to have a refresher. The accompanying will analyze how you ought to wear a stethoscope to guarantee ideal execution.

Hospital Fashion Advice – How to Wear Your Stethoscope

Positioning the Earpieces:

Here’s how it works:

  • The initial phase in utilizing a stethoscope is to guarantee that you have the ear pieces situated accurately.
  • You ought to put the earpieces into your ears delicately.
  • You ought to then turn the tips so they edge somewhat forward toward your nose.
  • This will permit you to make a tight seal with the goal that you can concentrate on the sounds transmitted by the stethoscope.
  • The surrounding commotion in the room ought to end up weak when the earpieces are situated effectively.
  • Your stethoscope most likely accompanied a bundle containing various ear tips in various sizes.
  • You ought to attempt the diverse tips until you discover the pair that gives the best seal and that are the most agreeable.

Holding the Stethoscope for Use:

Holding the mid-section bit of the stethoscope erroneously can make additional clamor that can meddle with your auscultation. On the off chance that you take after the best possible approach to utilize a stethoscope, you’ll hear all the sounds fresh and clear.

You ought to hold the mid-section piece between the record and center fingers of your predominant hand. You ought not to hold the mid-section piece with the tips of your fingers since this can make additional clamor. You ought to likewise hold your thumb under the tube to keep it from rubbing against the skin. You will get the best solid transmission on the off chance that you utilize delicate weight to apply the mid-section piece specifically to the patient’s skin.

Carrying Your Stethoscope when it is not being used:

A quality stethoscope will be all around adjusted and ought to stay set up moderately well. In the event that conceivable, you ought to keep the tubing situated over your shirt neckline since the oils from your skin can bring about the tubing to solidify.

The contact from rubbing against garments can bring about the mid-section piece and earpiece fitting to end up free, so you ought to check them intermittently to guarantee they stay tight. You ought to attempt to abstain from packing your stethoscope in the pocket of your scientist’s jacket or cleans.

This can contort the tubing and earpieces in ways they were not intended to be controlled, which can relax the seals or cause crimps in the tubing that can meddle with sounds.

Diaphragm vs. Bell

Most quality stethoscopes have a mid-section piece with both a diaphragm and a bell. The diaphragm is the substantial, level side of the mid-section piece. The diaphragm is normally used to auscultate higher-pitched sounds, for example, lung and heart sounds. The ringer is utilized to recognize low-pitched sounds, for example, mumbles and inside sounds. Much of the time, you can switch between the two segments by winding the mid-section piece around 180 degrees. You can tap on every side to figure out which part is dynamic.

At last, it is vital to clean your stethoscope every now and again by utilizing a liquor cushion to wipe the mid-section piece. Filthy stethoscopes are a successive wellspring of patient-to-patient illness transmission.