26-year-old Hailey Bieber appears in a hospital bed and recalls urgent surgery after suffering a stroke

This Monday (24), the model Hailey Bieber decided to talk, on the networks, about the heart operation he underwent a year ago, due to a clot that ended up causing him a stroke.

The 26-year-old actress explained that she had the procedure to close a hole she had in her heart, called PFO (Patent Foramen Oval), after having a transient stroke.

Justin Bieber’s wife opens up about heart surgery

In her outburst on the networks, Hailey, who is married to the singer justin biebersaid she was grateful to have had amazing doctors by her side and that today she feels strong and healthy.

“This time last year I had a procedure to close a hole in my heart, known as PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale), after I had a transient stroke. So grateful to have found this and to have it shut down and so thankful to my amazing doctors.One year later I feel strong and healthy. He spoke.

At the time when the famous had the stroke, she underwent several tests and eventually discovered a defect in her atrial septum. It was a birth defect that caused the hole in the heart.

On her YouTube channel, Hailey came to detail the problem that made her undergo the operation.

“When we went to the University of California for more elaborate testing… They found an atrial septal defect, a space between the chambers of the heart. It’s something congenital, which should have closed on its own. It turned out that I had a level five defect, the highest. Mine was extremely large…”remember.

Then she said the clot escaped through the hole, traveling to her brain and causing her a stroke. In the video, she also spoke of the relief she felt to finally be able to move on with her life.

In time, Justin’s wife thanked the singer Selena Gomez because she spoke out after Hailey received several hateful messages, in addition to death threats. In case you didn’t know, the singer previously dated the Canadian singer before the model.

Hailey’s Stories (Reproduction/Instagram)

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