3C Gaming CCO comments on the planning and creation of the Heineken 0.0 Icebox Bar

In partnership with agencies The Pub, 3C Gaming It is Red Door Agency, Heineken has brought the Icebox map to life for Riot Games FPS enthusiasts. O VALORANT Area spoke with Paulo Aguiar, CCO of 3C Gaming, about the partnership and building the venue that will be the new home of VALORANTS in Sao Paulo.

Despite what many think, 3C and Heineken have been partners since 2022 and it was a deciding factor in the beer brand partnering with the company to build the Icebox Bar.

“As a strategic and creative partner of the brand in the segment, we have designed very important projects with the brand and its agencies, which have contributed to bringing beer closer to the gaming community, such as what we have done with Gaules , who went to Holland to visit the headquarters of Heineken.”

“With the success of Heineken’s partnership with 3C, in addition to the overall gaming-focused brand strategy – which includes sponsorship of Heineken 0.0 at VCT Americas, the opportunity arose to consider the Heineken 0.0 Icebox Bar as another CTM approximation project.

Breeding: Heineken

Aguiar also explained how the project to create the bar was conceived and what reasons led the agency to choose the Icebox card to carry out this tribute. “The structure of the bar has been designed to recreate the Icebox containers, one of the most famous maps of VALORANT and which causes immediate identification from the public, in addition to being a conducive environment to live the experience and enjoy a Heineken 0.0.”

The CCO commented on the next steps after planning the bar theme. Promotional work was not limited to the inaugural round of VCT Americas, Aguiar explained that every week the venue receives guests and streamers.

“In addition to leading all Arena and Aquarium of Lives operations, 3C also worked with the brand’s PR and digital PR teams to ensure the activation was communicated. and powered by top names from the national scene of VALORANT and other games, including esports organizations and community fan initiatives.Each week, the space hosts influencers who play, stream and celebrate the game . »

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