A Canadian politician participates in a videoconference through the toilet

After the repercussions of the episode, politician Shafqat Ali decided to comment on the situation.

Ingredi Brunato, under the direction of Thiago Lincolns Published on 05/11/2022, at 2:00 p.m.

The Canadian parliament found itself the scene of an unlikely controversy after a virtual meeting held on Friday the 6th.

During the infamous videoconference, the scenery around one of the lawmakers drew attention, leading some to suspect he was attending the meeting from a cubicle in the government building’s toilet.

Subsequently, it was determined that Chafqat Ali, in fact, he had attended the meeting remotely while inside the unflattering location, as reported by The Guardian.

The politician’s mobile phone, which had transmitted his images, was reportedly leaning against a ledge on the wall above the toilet.

The member was using the washroom while attending a sitting of the Communal room, the cathedral of Canadian democracy. I can’t believe I just said those words.”John Brassardthe leader of the House, during a meeting this Monday 11.

remote problems

In response to the controversy, Chafqat Ali publicly apologized for the inappropriate behavior. “I take this matter very seriously and I promise never to make this mistake again.”

A curious detail is that this is not the first time that such a slippage has occurred during a meeting held remotely by the Parliament of Canada. In 2021, for example, another politician, Does Amoswas caught changing clothes, not realizing his camera was on.

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