A half-naked mother wearing her husband’s underwear saves a goose from an eagle attack while breastfeeding | World

A security camera video showing a half-naked mother, wearing only her husband’s underwear, running to save the family’s goose from an eagle while nursing her son has been viewed over 13 million times on Tik Tok.

Caitlin Oakley, who lives in North Saanich, Canada, told local media she was breastfeeding her daughter when she heard her pet goose, whose name is Frankie, crying outside.

“I opened the door and the eagle was there, descending. My instinct was to run after it,” Oakley told local newspaper Checknews.

Footage captured by the security camera in front of the house shows the entire unusual scene. Despite the fear, Frankie is fine.

A half-naked mother saves her family’s goose from an eagle attack while breastfeeding – Photo: Playback/frankythegoose/TikTok

Following the success, she posted another video summarizing the events in one sentence:

“I run outside the house wearing my husband’s underwear while I nurse my baby defending my goose from a bald eagle,” she said.

She also appreciates the comments, calling them “hilarious.” In one of them, for example, Jac says: “Not all heroes wear clothes”. Amber comments: “As a chicken owner, I say wearing clothes is optional when keeping them”.

Until the publication of this report, the video had received more than 12,000 comments, the happiest that the animal is well. Frankie’s TikTok profile had over 28,000 followers and 1.2 million likes.

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