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The number of patients on the waiting list for vascular surgeries in the Rio Grande do Norte public network exceeds 150, but a new agreement approved by the federal justice on Monday (10), will allow the return of vascular surgeries.

The agreement between the State Government/SESAP and the private providers (Rio Grande Hospital, São Luiz Hospital and Wilson Rosado Hospital), through public civil action files filed by the RN Regional Medical Council, will allow the return of vascular surgeries by hospitals, previously contracted with the aim of ending the existing queue.

Vascular surgeries have been suspended due to bureaucratic issues and lack of state payment. The return will allow better care for patients suffering from a vascular disease, known as “Diabetic Foot”.

“This will be possible with the continuation of hiring private hospitals, which will continue to perform surgeries. These new services will meet the existing demand currently provided only by public hospitals”, comments the president of CREMERN, Dr. Marcos Jácome.

The agreement guaranteed the contracting out of private hospitals for an additional 180 days.

The case, number 0811381-49.2019.4.05.8400, was filed by Cremern’s legal department, through legal advisers Klevelando Santos and Tales Barbalho.

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