After judging criticism, Jessica Ellen opens up about pregnancy nausea: ‘It’s not freshness’

Jessica Ellen felt a lack of empathy from the judges (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Jessica Ellen used Instagram this Monday morning (13) to talk about the illness of pregnancy. In the photo, the actress appeared with a bucket and confirmed that what she felt during the first trimester of pregnancy “isn’t coolness”.

“This has been my best friend for a few months: the famous BUCKET. Eating every 2 hours and not knowing what will stay in the stomach for more than 10 minutes (…) Vomiting, heartburn, nausea of everything, the perfume I’ve always used, the smell of cooked vegetables, the water coming out of the tap, it’s horrible, and nobody talks… It’s not the freshness, it’s the construction of the human being which is really complex!”, she says.

The post was released after the ‘Dance of the Famous’ judges criticized Introducing Jessica Ellen on Sunday (12). At the time, they said they missed her “energy” and the actress couldn’t hold back tears. As the show aired on TV, she said on her social media that the edition cut a few lines to the jury and pointed to the “lack of empathy”.

“Black women are seen as warriors. Never so sensitive and susceptible to vulnerability. What part of ‘I’m Pregnant’ do you still not understand?” the actress posted on Stories, after sharing comments from netizens for his defence.

Tata Werneck was one of them. The comedian even mentioned Clara Maria’s pregnancy to ask for respect from her colleague.

What did the jurors say?

Ana Botafogo used the word shyness. “I found you a little more shy today. I don’t know if it’s because of the nausea, but I found you more shy,” she said.

Renato Vieira, who replaced Zebrinha, also said Jessica’s swing could have been put to better use. Carlinhos de Jesus then followed the momentum: “We always expect your energy from you, which is wonderful. You have energy when you dance and today you left some of that energy there in this nausea”.

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