AI is being used for hacking attacks, warns Canada

Artificial intelligence is used to create malware and spread misinformation online. The alert comes from the Canadian Center for Cyber ​​Security, Canada’s leading authority on cybersecurity, and reinforces concerns about the use of AI around the world.

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The statement by Sami Khoury, head of the Canadian agency, was made during a recent interview. According to him, AI is used “in phishing emails, or in crafting emails in more targeted ways, in malicious code (and) in misinformation and misinformation.”

He did not provide further details or evidence of the use of the technology, but the statement joins several other such warnings.

Alerts on the use of AI

  • In recent months, several cyber watchdog groups have published reports warning of the risks of using AI, especially fast-evolving language processing programs.
  • Known as Large Language Models (LLMs), they rely on large volumes of text to create dialogs, documents, and more.
  • In March this year, Europol, the European police organization, warned that technologies such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT made it “very realistic to impersonate an organization or individual, even with only a basic understanding of the English language”.
  • The same month, the UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center said there was a risk that criminals “could use LLMs to assist in cyberattacks beyond their current capabilities”.
  • Cybersecurity researchers have demonstrated a variety of potentially malicious use cases, and some say they’re starting to see suspicious content generated by artificial intelligence.
  • Recently, a former hacker claimed to have discovered a maliciously trained LLM and asked the system to come up with a convincing attempt to trick someone into making a money transfer.
  • A three paragraph email asking for help paying a big bill was generated.
  • “This payment is extremely important and must be made within the next 24 hours,” reads the text.

chinese hacker attack

  • In recent weeks, a hacker attack from China gained access to the emails of about 25 organizations, including at least two US government agencies, after a glitch in Microsoft’s system.
  • The hackers have been identified as Storm-0558, a group that primarily uses espionage, credential access and data theft to target government agencies in Western Europe.
  • There’s no evidence the criminals used AI in the attack, but the case has sparked fresh warnings about the damage caused by this type of action, which can now count on the help of artificial intelligence.

With information from Reuters.

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