An MP wants to prevent IAPEN from adopting collective punishment in prisons –

The Acre Public Prosecution Service (MPAC) has made a recommendation to the Acre Institute of Prison Administration (IAPEN) to prevent the body that controls the prison system from continuing to adopt the practice of collective punishment in the lodges .

According to the recommendation, there are several examples of collective punishment applied in the prison complex. Escapes or attempts, for example, are justified to punish all inmates who are in the same ward, even if not all participated in the criminal act or outside the behavior adopted by IAPEN.

“In a pavilion, for example, when two or three try to escape or run away, IAPEN puts the whole pavilion under sanction,” says prosecutor Tales Tranin.

The MPAC representative says removing the freezer, which is bought by inmates’ relatives, is one of the most common punishments. “They take out the freezer for a month as punishment and that is wrong. The punishment should be individual and not collective. The Criminal Enforcement Act prohibits this collective punishment, as well as Article 43 of the Mandela Rule” , he explains.

In the recommendation, the prosecutor also alleges that the removal of an inmate who has not committed a freezer slip harms his family members on visiting days. “I have recommended that the seized freezers be returned. Relatives, such as children and the elderly, when visiting, are forced to drink hot water in the hot weather in Acre because the prisoner has not committed any offense and is just in the same flag as another who tried to escape, for example. “, explains Tales Tranin.

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