Anitta rocks the crowd at Rock in Rio in Lisbon, Portugal

The boss is back! anitaset foot on the ‘Palco Mundo’ of Rock in Rio Lisboa after 4 years.

This Sunday (26), the Garota do Rio was one of the main attractions of the music festival that took place in the capital of Portugal.

In the midst of a tour of Europe, Anitta performed a show that brought together thousands of people and featured several hits from her career.

Several hits from his latest album, “Versions Of Me”, were among the songs performed by the artist, such as “Girl From Rio”, “Envolver” and “Boys Don’t Cry”.

Take a look behind the scenes of Anitta’s concert in Portugal:


Besides Anitta, other Brazilian singers were also present in the Portuguese version of Rock In Rio.

One of them was the singer Rebeccawho performed on the ‘Galp Music Valley’ stage.

Another was the singer Johnny Hookerwho performed her hit “Marginal Love” at the “Rock Your Street” event.


the court of anita, the music producer Murda Beatz, seems to be getting more and more serious. So much so that, last Saturday (25), the singer took her love to meet her Brazilian relatives.

Through Instagram stories, the brunette showed the perrengue trying to get her Canadian boyfriend to understand Portuguese to talk to the muse’s family.

In fact, a moment that caught the attention of netizens was when Anitta’s uncle took advantage of the gringo’s confusion to convince him to exchange 20 dollars for 20 reais, since he had no idea of ​​the difference in currency values.

“Look at my uncle! He exchanged twenty Canadian dollars for twenty reais! Look! He took it and said: ‘exchange twenty for twenty?’. And he believed! The blow was given”, declared the singer in Instagram Stories. “Now he only knows how to say: ‘I have no money'”.

Before ending the series of Stories, the muse told the reason why they are all together. It turns out that while she’s on tour in Europe, she decided to take her family members to visit the area.

“To fulfill this family’s dream of coming to Portugal! My mother has already come, but now the family has fulfilled the dream. When I brought my mother, I still didn’t have the money to bring all these people here there are a lot of people,” he said.

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