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Jacob Tremblay, Canadian actor in charge of voicing Linguado in the original versions (subtitled here in Brazil) of “The Little Mermaid”, shared on social networks alongside the protagonists of the live-action, released last week. The artist, currently 16, was set to portray the character, one of Ariel’s best friends, in 2019.

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Originally, the film was supposed to be released in 2021, but due to the pandemic, production was halted and then resumed. The new version of the Disney classic just hit theaters this year.

See Jacob Tremblay’s post:

It’s not just the artist’s appearance that has changed over time. The live-action Flounder is very different from the one that became famous with the Disney production released in 1989, and the look has been criticized by audiences. In the new version, Ariel’s best friend (played by Halle Bailey) was depicted more realistically and less colorfully, as he was in the animation.

“I was first shown Flounder’s look when I auditioned for the role. I watched the movie and thought it really worked. I think the creators are geniuses and knew exactly what they were doing,” the young Canadian actor said in an interview with “People” magazine at the film’s premiere.

“The Little Mermaid”, less than a week in theaters, has already grossed $185 million worldwide. From last Thursday (25) to Sunday (28), around 888,000 people went to see the film in Brazilian cinemas.

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