Artificial intelligence is an instrument of creativity at the International Festival of Electronic Language, in SP | national newspaper

The relationship between artificial intelligence and humanity is highlighted in FILE

A artificial intelligence is a tool for creativity in the International Festival of Electronic Languagesin Sao Paulo.

The man wakes up the machine. At the same time, he is arrested.

“In the field of art, of aesthetics, we understand that artificial intelligence, it comes to corroborate human creativity to create new forms and not to dominate it”, explains the organizer of the exhibition and co-founder of FILE, Paula Perissinotto.

It seems that the more computers advance, the more we need what is essentially human to make sense of the world. And art provokes.

National newspaper: What did you think?
Valdeí Dias dos Santos, cleaning assistant: I thought that was strange. I said: ‘but my eye is so big? It is not possible’.

The idea of ​​scanning the iris of the eye gives rise to new images of the universe.

“That business there has brought a huge expansion. And that’s the technology,” says hairstylist Ivani Santos Silva.

The exhibition invites you to escape reality. And make art without being an artist.

“I made a ball, a triangle and I also made a very small ball”, says Marcos Ravi Machado Pinto, 5 years old.

“Usually you go to the museum and you see. Now here you build your own work,” says Professor Diego Leon.

is it relationship between our intelligence and artificial intelligence that has inspired hundreds of Brazilian artists and 38 other countries.

One of the most successful experiments is when the person stands in front of two cameras, which capture the image. Technology puts the face on another body. And when the journalist enters this virtual world, now with a different outfit, she becomes a spectator, but also part of the work of art. Win the company of others.

This cohabitation brings moments of harmony and others, not so much. And isn’t that how humans live here?

“You enter the program. And it’s not just any place. It’s exactly exploration,” says interior designer Rose Bortolli.

Canadian artists have brought one of these machines that record our voices, to show that sound produces traces.

“Sound stops in time and you have to move around in physical space to hear it,” explains artist Jean-Philippe Côté.

A teaser to remember: when we use electronic equipment, we can leave our footprints in the digital world.

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. But it’s thinking about how everything is recorded all the time,” asks artist Victor Drouin-Trempe.

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