Autocar Magazine August 16: already on sale

This week at Autocar we talk about the ninth generation Volkswagen Golf, we drive the car to save diesel and find out why Adrian Mardell is the man who saved Jaguar.


The ninth-generation Volkswagen Golf is shaping up to be the most radically reimagined iteration of the ever-popular family hatchback – we’ve got everything you need to know about its powertrain, tech and the name it’ll carry.

The future of the Discovery brand in JLR’s new ‘House of Brands’ will be mapped out over the next 12 months – in our exclusive interview with the brand’s CEO, we find out exactly what that will look like.

Aston Martin has lifted the veil on the DB12 to create the stunning DB12 Volante – the world’s first convertible “super tourer” and the most powerful V8 of any GT convertible currently on sale.

Porsche will also have an all-new look as it enters its EV era – one that’s been previewed by the Mission X and 357. We find out what that means for its future sports cars.


Honda has given the CR-V wider shoulders and a revamped dynamics package that promises to make it more appealing than ever. We find out if it’s as “exciting” as Honda says it is.

The new BMW X5 combines detail with an even more luxurious interior – we tested the 30d variant to find out why this nearly £70,000 gross is the diesel-savvy car.

422bhp with an ill-equipped chassis to support it? That’s what Matt Prior considers the new Smart #1 Brabus’ biggest misfortune – find out more in his latest review.

We also test the Hyundai Kona Hybrid, the Range Rover Classic Inverted, the refreshed Nissan X-Trail and the Mercedes A250e sedan.


It’s strange how some markets work. Three of the Japanese performance icons – the Nissan Z Sport, Toyota GR Corolla and Subaru WRX – are not available to buy in Britain. Scattering them on a Canadian mountain road, it’s time to find out what we missed.

Adrian Mardell joined JLR as an apprentice and worked for over three decades before reaching the top. He tells our editor how he got there and why he’s the one who will put Jaguar back on its feet.

With London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone expanding on August 29, what are the best ways to get around London cheaply? Looking at cars from the Volkswagen to the BMW 330Ci, we find the one that’s right for you.


Matt Prior talks about car-based subscription services and why they’re taking him from a soft-talking man to something a little more pissed off.

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