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ROME, APRIL 05 (ANSA) – The hospitalization of the senator and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, at the San Raffaele hospital, in Milan, was mentioned in the main newspapers of the world this Wednesday (5).

From the American newspaper Washington Post to The Guardian, from the German magazine Spiegel to France24, from El Pais to Al Jazeera, via the Australian and the Canadian newspaper Toronto Star, the photo of the Italian politician appears on the front page of Internet sites accompanied by similar headlines: “Silvio Berlusconi, 86, is hospitalized in intensive care with respiratory problems”.

The main international publications also recall the recent hospitalization of the president of the conservative party “Forza Italia” (FI), which occurred on March 31 in San Raffaele in Milan, where he remained for four days, and all his health problems.

Many sites, such as the British Daily Mail, devote a long article to Berlusconi, recalling his political rise and publishing several photos, some also with his partner Marta Fascina.

The BBC, for its part, compiled a list of former leaders involved in criminal proceedings, including former US President Donald Trump, and stressed that in Berlusconi’s case this was not an obstacle to a return. in power.

“The four-time Prime Minister has been involved in numerous criminal proceedings and once declared himself the most persecuted man in the history of the world,” the BBC wrote.

In addition, Swedish journalists are also at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. “All newspapers in Sweden are opening with this news,” said an Expressen reporter, accompanied by a video operator.

The two were in Switzerland for a report and arrived in Italy as soon as they learned of Berlusconi’s hospitalization. (ANSA).

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