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SANAAA Craft Clear Hard Epoxy Resin for Casting 32oz - 1:1 Ratio Crystal Clear Resin Coating for Tumbler Wood, Bar, Table, Jewelry Making, Craft Decoration (1000g/32oz)

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  • [1:1 VOLUME Ratio By VOLUME & EASY TO USE] 16oz Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin+ 16oz Crystal Clear Epoxy hardener, mix 1:1 VOLUME ratio easily.SANAAA art epoxy resin AB adhesive kit is perfect for artwork art craft cast resin, also for coating epoxy.
  • [CRYSTAL CLEAR & SELF LEVEL] Our resin is self leveling, self degassing, odor free, resistant to yellowing from sun exposure and a perfect match for all of ours and other craft pigments
  • [HARD AS A ROCK & NO BUBBL] The leisure art craft DIY resin epoxy kit is fast curing and hard as a rock if you ensure 1:1 ratio by VOLUME, and stir thoroughly. No bubble if stir evenly and slowly.
  • [WIDE USE & NON TOXIC] Designed for Crafts, Cutting Boards, Resin Art, Jewelry Making, Bartop, Tumblers, Coating Artwork and Acrylic Pour Paintings, Geode Paintings, Molds, River and so much more!
  • [100% MONEY BACK & SERVIC]. For any reason you are not 100% happy with the epoxy resin, please feel free to Contact Us. We will respond to you within 24 hours and assist you with a refund at no additional cost

SEVGILI Epoxy Resin, Fast Curing 2 Part Epoxy Casting Crystal Clear Art Resin Kits Epoxy-Resin-Kit for Jewelry, Art, Craft Fast Curing (1 Gallon)

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  • UNIQUE FAST CURING RESIN - Finished casting can be remove within 8 hours and full cured within 24 hours.
  • EASY TO USE - straightforward and no confusion, just mix one part resin to one part hardener and then you'll have 45 minutes of work time at room temperature to produce your finest work!
  • PREFECT FOR ANY ARTIST’S PROJECT – The Qbcarrier resin is specially formulated for Artistis ! CRYSTAL CLEAR & Fully With long lasting results for wood finishes and many more applications.
  • EXCELLENT for all Casting, Coating and Art Projects including Resin Art, Resin Jewelry, Coating Artwork/Acrylic Pour Paintings, Geode Paintings, Coasters, Tabletops, Bartop, Countertop, Live Edge River Tables, Tumblers, Wood Blocks, Cutting Boards and more! It has fantastic color stability to preserve the rich colors of your artwork.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - ensures your satisfaction. If Our Puduo Epoxy Resin does not meet your expectations, return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

Art Epoxy Resin Kit – Crystal Clear 1:1 Ratio, High Gloss Art Resin Perfect for Coasters, Tumblers, Clear Coating Painting, Jewelry Casting (20 oz)

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  • NON-TOXIC CRYSTAL-CLEAR GLASS EFFECT: Art Epoxy Resin was engineered locally and sourced from Germany: the world leaders in epoxy resin formulas. This art epoxy resin is befitting for any projects from epoxy art painting to epoxy resin tumbler, encapsulation, epoxy resin jewelry, coasters, and many more projects. When fully cured, this epoxy resin is non-toxic; its crystal-clear glass effect will ensure the success of any art epoxy project.
  • EASY TO USE, NO BUBBLES: When following our simple instructions, this art epoxy resin is suitable for anyone. Its high gloss self-leveling & its self-degassing proprieties renders this art epoxy resin suitable for a broad spectrum of epoxy resin users, from beginner to expert!
  • SPECIALIZED ART & CLEAR COATING FORMULA: Art epoxy resin developed this specialized formula to ensure a versatile art epoxy resin. Designed for any art resin project, it will not only mix easily with your favorite color pigment, but it will also cast your favorite epoxy tumbler, jewelry, coaster, or any other art project flawlessly. At the same time, its advanced formula will ensure a crystal clear appearance for any coating projects.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We're confident you'll unquestionably love our art epoxy resin! If there are any issues with the order or you need assistance with epoxy resin projects, contact us, and our art epoxy resin experts will assist you immediately!

UV Resin, 100g Upgrade Ultraviolet Epoxy Resin Non-Toxic Crystal Clear Hard Glue Solar Cure Sunlight Activated Resin for Handmade Jewelry, DIY Craft Decoration, Casting and Coating

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  • 【Higher efficiency】Simple operation, UV resin can be used directly without modulation; Curing time is very short, you will complete your handicrafts after irradiate under UV lamp for 2-4 minutes.
  • 【Safe & Premium】Made of non-toxic materials, good transparency and no impurities; has strong stain resistance and anti-yellowing, self-leveling and self-degassing properties can be cured more smoothly(a little odor before curing)
  • 【Easy to Store & Use】Comes with 1 bottles of solar cure resin(100g), which is more conducive to your storage; Ours is easier to squeeze and use the remaining resin at the bottom of the bottle than round bottles
  • 【Wide Application】Can be mixed with glitter, sequins, colorants to create more brilliant colors; Suitable for jewelry making, mobile phone case, craft ornaments, small molds, casting and coating, resin painting, etc.
  • 【Serve With Heart】Our team is committed to fast response and multi-channel accessibility for customer care. We want your 100% satisfaction by providing premium resin art materials with pleasing results. We are standing by to assist you with any issues.

NODDWAY Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin,2 Part Epoxy Resin Clear,32OZ Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin for Crafts,Fast Cure Epoxy Resin for Coating, Casting,Table Top,Jewelry,Tumbler

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  • 【NODDWAY epoxy resin kit】: No Odor, No VOCs and No BPA. Rigorous testing was done to ensure that our resin is a perfect match for silicone moulds and all of craft pigments, the resine epox doesn't stick to resin moulds and not ruin your project.
  • 【Non Toxic Premium clear epoxy resin】: UV Protection, anti-yellowing and self-leveling, self degassing, ensuring long-lasting results, create beautiful artwork and color stability.
  • 【Resin kit for beginners】: Mix the epoxy resin and hardener with 1:1 volume ratio then it's ready to use. It gives you good working time and after they fully cure your tumbler and other resin art have come out great.
  • 【Multifunctional epoxy casting resin】: The clear resin great over on wood, paper, acrylic painting, printed photographs, etc. Perfect for coat tables and bars, encapsulate objects, casting jewelry, make resin paintings,make glitter tumbler and other artwork.
  • 【What You Get】: Two bottles of epoxy resin(each 16oz). And provide100% product satisfaction-If there are any questions or not meet your expectations, we will give you Refund or Replacement.

JDiction Fast Curing Epoxy Resin, 4 Hours Demold Upgrade Formula, Fast Curing and Bubble Free Epoxy Resin, Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Kit Self Leveling and Easy Mix for Art, Craft, Jewelry- 20OZ

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  • * 【4 Hours Demold Upgraded Formula】 Do you want your artwork to be completed quickly? ? JDiction 4 HOURS DEMOLD epoxy resins new formula is here. Only 8-10 HOURS to FULL CURE, saves you time. You can create more work than others at the same time. This is so exciting!!! This epoxy resin also offers 2X UV YELLOWING PROTECTION WITH IT’S 2 IN 1 SCIENTIFIC FORMULA.
  • * 【Crystal Clear & Super Gloss!!】Our epoxy resin crystal clear. Our JDiction Epoxy Resin is formulated in the USA, and produced by the largest resin supplier in Southeast Asia. Our super gloss formula cures to a perfectly crystal clear finish with no polishing required. It cures hard as a rock and Resists Scratches, Stains and Yellowing. We only offer the best epoxy resin because we are committed to making resin "By Crafters, For Crafters".
  • * 【EASY 1:1 MIXTURE】Even beginners will quickly pick up the skill. Only 3 Steps and then you're ready to go. With JDiction epoxy resin, you're always one step ahead. Mix the epoxy resin and hardener with 1:1 volume ratio, Put resin and hardener in warm water for 3 minutes separately to reduce bubbles, then mix,stir slowly until the colour is consistent with no streaks. Work at room temperature and enjoy the LONGER 30 minutes working time that allows for more time for the creative process.
  • * 【Non-Toxic & ODORLESS】Our resin and hardener are Zero VOCS and Odor Free. BPA free and Non-flammable. Rigorous testing was done to ensure that our epoxy resin is a perfect match for craft pigments like most mica and glow pigments. which is why JDiction epoxy resin is standing out for jewelry making, river tables, and christmas decorations.
  • * 【SERVE WITH HEART】Our team is committed to a fast response and multi-channel accessibility for customer care. We want you to be 100% satisfied. We are providing premium resin art materials that guarantee satisfaction, and long-lasting results. We are available to assist you with any issues. “By crafters, for crafters”.

Epoxy Resin Kit for Art & Craft | 1 Gallon (3.78 L) | Odorless | Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin | For Jewelry, Earrings, Coasters, Casting, Molding, Crafting & more | Includes 3 pairs of gloves, 2 cups, 4 sticks & 5 x 5g mica powder bags | 100% Solids

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  • ✅ IMPROVED EPOXY RESIN FORMULA FOR ART & CRAFT - We are glad to release the most advanced formulation of epoxy resin specifically created for art & craft projects between 1/4" and 1" per pour. For coatings and deeper pours, have a look at our Table Top and Deep Pour products.
  • ✅ SAFE - Enjoy this safe, odor-free epoxy resin for all your projects such as coasters, jewelries, earrings, statues, alphabet letters, necklaces etc..
  • ✅ EASY TO USE - Mix flawlessly with mica powder and other coloring materials! Mixing ratio 1:1
  • ✅ HIGHLY RESISTANT - This epoxy resin product is scratch resistant, water resistant and resist yellowing
  • ✅ CANADIAN COMPANY - We are proud to offer a high quality Art & Craft epoxy resin product to all the Canadian artists and woodworkers! Includes 3 pairs of gloves, 2 x 500ml measuring cups, 4 wooden sticks & 5 x 5g mica powder bags

Epoxy Resin for Table Tops & Art with Stir Sticks & Brushes| Premium Quality | High Gloss Thick Clear Coat | For Table Tops, Bar Tops, Countertops and Artworks | Excellent Color Stability | (1 gallon)

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  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY - This epoxy resin cures to a clear, high build, glass like finish that resists scratching, yellowing and will not distort with age
  • ✅ FOOD SAFE - Once cured this resin epoxy product simply becomes a non-toxic inert plastic, which is considered food-safe. Many uses our Table Top resin for coatings such as countertop, bar top, table top etc..
  • ✅ EASY TO USE - Magic Resin kit is a 100% solids, clear polymer coating that is mixed at a 1 to 1 ratio by volume. Optimal for coating applications (table tops, thin arts etc.) - each pour should be no more than 1/4 inch. Re-coat time every ~6-8 hours without the need to sand. It gives you about 30 minutes of working time once poured and cures in 16-24 hours.
  • ✅ HIGHLY RESISTANT - This epoxy resin is scratch resistant, water resistant and will not exhibit blushing or sweat out under high humidity conditions
  • ✅ WHAT'S INCLUDED - Each kit contains one bottle of resin (0.5 Gal.) and one bottle of hardener (0.5 Gal.)

Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Kit - 18 Oz Epoxy Resin for Art,Jewelry Making,Crafts,Keychain and Various Handicraft Works,with Have 2 pcs Graduated Cups,4 pcs Sticks,1 Pair Rubber Gloves

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  • 【resin kit includes】2 pcs Graduated Cups,4 pcs Sticks, 1 Pair Rubber Gloves,which is very suitable for professional artists or beginners.
  • 【Great choice for artists】Clear epoxy resin for crafts specially configured for artists ! Has crystal clear long lasting results,It has fantastic color stability to preserve the rich colors of your art work.
  • 【Fast curing unique resin】1:1 ratio by volume,45 minutes of work time at room temperature,Finished casting can be remove within 8 hours and finished products can be removed from mold after 24 hours produce your finest work!
  • 【Used Widely of Casting】Art Projects including - epoxy resin art Products,jewelry making,river tables,crystal clear coating,Coating Artwork,Coasters, Tabletops,desktop, Tumblers, Wood Blocks, Cutting Boards and more!
  • 【100% Lifetime refund and replacement service】Strict follow the wishes of every customer and continuously improve the quality of our products to achieve the best results Ensures your satisfaction.If Our Epoxy Resin does not meet your expectations, We will give a full refund.

Epoxy Resin - 16 oz - Crystal Clear Resin Kit - Non-Toxic Casting Resin for Art, Jewelry, Crafts, with Bonus Sticks, Graduated Cups and Gloves

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  • 【CRYSTAL CLEAR EPOXY RESIN】Our premium professional grade epoxy resin goes on smooth and dries evenly to eliminate crawling, trickling, craters and bubbles. High gloss formula cures a perfectly crystal clear finish and hard as a rock to resist scratch and yellowing. Excellent color stability could protect your artwork and DIY projects long lasting.
  • 【SAFE AND ODORLESS】Our epoxy resin kit is straightforward and easy to apply - even as a first-time novice or beginner hobbyist. Rigorous testing was done to ensure that our epoxy resin is a perfect match for craft pigments like most mica and glow pigments. Crystal clear & Non-Toxic!
  • 【EASY TO USE】Everything you need is in our epoxy resin kit: 8oz casting epoxy resin + 8oz clear coating , 2 measuring cups, 4 mixing sticks, gloves and detailed instructions. You just mix the resin A and hardener B with 1:1 volume ratio then it's ready to use. You also enjoy the LONGER 30 - 40 minute working time that gives more time for the creative process such mix with pigments.
  • 【PERFECT APPLICATION】JDition epoxy resin fit for you to creative artwork for your house or as a gift for friends. Great choice for you to create customized works of one-of-a-kind artisan craftsmanship. You can DIY resin art, coating bars and counter tops, jewelry. Such as river tables, tumblers, earrings, Christmas decoration and nearly endless creative possibilities!
  • 【PROMISE SERVICE】Please read the instruction manual provided with the JDition epoxy resin kit closely before use. We strive to do the best service and products for our customer. For any reason you are not happy with our epoxy resin kit, please feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours.

Epoxy Resin Kit – Resin Kit with Silicone Spatula, Mixing Cup and Spreader – Clear Epoxy Resin Set for DIY Crafts and Artworks – Art Résine époxy with Glossy Finish – For Tabletops and Coatings - 1 Gallon Kit

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  • Convenient solution: With our epoxy resin kit you have everything you need in one place! Our set includes, besides premium quality epoxy resin, a mixing silicone spatula, mixing cup and a spreader, that can help you create terrific and flawless artworks.
  • Superior quality: This epoxy resin is a top-quality product, specially designed for a wide range of artworks and crafts. It has a crystal-clear texture and excellent color stability, distributing pigments and dyes evenly.
  • Self-leveling: With this professional resin kit, your art will look spectacular! The formula is self-leveling, filling completely any casting and eliminating craters or bubbles. Also, our epoxy resin leaves an incredibly smooth, high gloss finish that will emphasize the design of your encapsulations.
  • Amazing crafts: The art resin kit is the ideal choice for exquisite DIY crafts and artworks. The accessories allow you to create eye-catchy see-through encapsulations, jewelry, coatings, wood finishes, tabletops, bar tops, and so much more.
  • Long-lasting: We want your artwork to last for a lifetime. This is why our epoxy resin has a high UV-resistant formula and delivers a tough, durable structure. Also, it is blush-resistant and water-resistant, maintaining your artwork intact throughout the years.

DIYcraft 8oz (236ml)Epoxy Resin with Tools Kit,2 Part Crystal Clear Casting Resin for Jewelry Making,Tumbler Crafts,Art, Wood -Crafts Cast Coating- Mold Made Resin,Easy Mix 1:1 for Beginner…

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  • Package Includes - One 118ml(4oz) bottle of resin and one 118ml(4oz) bottle of hardener, 2 x graduated cup, 5 x wooden sticks and 2 x rubber gloves which is very suitable for professional artists or beginners.
  • Crystal Clear Resin - Use our crystal clear epoxy resin for all of your casting and coating applications. Cures crystal clear and hard as a rock.
  • Long Lasting - Our resin is self leveling, smooth, self degassing and odor free. Anti-yellowing properties create beautiful artwork and color stability for heirloom quality.
  • Easy to Use - Mix the resin and hardener 1:1 by volume and stir by one direction for 5-6 minutes. You have 40 minute work time.
  • Ideal for Art Projects - Designed for Cutting Boards, Resin Art, Resin Jewelry, Coating Artwork and Acrylic Pour Paintings, Geode Paintings, Molds, River Tables, and so much more.

NIUB Resin Kit, 19Oz Epoxy Resin Kit for Resin Jewelry Making, Art, Craft, Riverbed - UV Resistant and Food Safe Epoxy Crystal Clear Resin Kit with Resin and Hardener for Beginners

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  • [ High Quality Epoxy Resin kit]: NIUB epoxy resin kit is formulated with self-leveling and high gloss to cure to a perfect crystal clear surface and hard as a rock, which prevents scratching and yellowing. By mixing slowly and evenly when using, no air bubbles will form.
  • [ Easy to Use ]: This epoxy making kit consists of part A and part B. Mix the two parts in the ratio of 1:1 and let it set for a while after mixing thoroughly. This epoxy kit is perfect for beginners.
  • [ Wide Application ]: Our epoxy resin kit is perfect for DIY resin art such as coasters, jewelry, key rings, trays, resin wall art, river tables and lamps, coffee tables, wood blocks, earrings, necklaces and Christmas decorations. Also matches perfectly with other handmade paints like epoxy dyes, mica powder and alcohol inks.
  • [ Lots of Freebies ]: In addition to the liquid epoxy resin (A and B), the set includes 4 measuring cups, 4 stirring sticks, 2 droppers and 1 pair of gloves. Note: Be sure to wear gloves when using.
  • [ Excellent Customer Service ]: All resin liquids are manufactured under strict quality control. However, we are not 100% immune to faulty items due to unsafe shipping conditions. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us to resolve them.

Teexpert Epoxy Resin Kit for Beginners, Resin Kit with Coaster Molds, Silicone Molds Kit, Pigments, Mica Powder, Foil Flakes, Crystal Clear Art Resin, Casting & Coating for DIY Resin Coasters 16 FL.OZ

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  • 【 ALL IN ONE KIT FOR BEGINNERS】: Teexpert epoxy resin kit includes: 16 fl.oz 474ml Resin set , Resin Pigments*6, Silicone Coasters molds*4, Measuring Cups 30ml*2, Disposable, Mixing Cups*10, Mixing Sticks*6, Gilding Flakes, Disposable, Gloves*10, Droppers*6, Tweezers, Mica Powder*3, Include all you need to get started with DIY & Craft Ideas, Suitable for professional artists or beginners.
  • 【SAFE & ODORLESS EPOXY RESIN】: Teexpert clear casting & coating resin is safe to use for indoor,non-odor, Non-Toxic when fully cured, no VOCs, No BPA, No Fumes, Non-Flammable, UV resistant, we recommend wearing gloves while handling the liquid state epoxy resin directly, Ensuring a warm room temperature 70 °F – 80 °F for best cure & degassing
  • 【CRYSTAL CLEAR & WONDERFUL GIFT】: The easy amazing clear cast craft resin epoxy pour kit is ideal for all casting, coating and art projects including cutting boards, coasters, countertops, bartop, resin art, resin jewelry, coating artwork and acrylic pour paintings, deep pour, molds, river tables, arrings, ashtray etc.It's a best gift for families, friends, children and DIY, craft lovers
  • 【HIGH GLOSS & DURABLE】: The art resin creates self degassing, self defoaming, high gloss, anti-scratch, resist yellowing coating, Projects have a beautiful transparent finish and hard as a rock, Perfectly formulated to be mixed with our own color essences and foil flakes for a vivid, stunning result, Easy to use, mix 1:1 ratio by volume, Only need to stir slowly for 3-5 minutes
  • 【EASY TO INTEGRATE COLOR & 100% GUARANTEE】 Mixes Flawlessly With Epoxy Resin Color Pigments, Mica Powders, mica pigment, resin pigment, and alcohol ink, Like Black Diamond Pigments & Creates a superb colored epoxy for wood! Apply a full refund if you do not like the clear epoxy resin kit

Mica Powder for Epoxy Resin – Pigment Powder for Nails – Epoxy Resin Color Pigment – Soap Making Dye – Mica Pigment Powder 24 Colors Set

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  • Mica Powder for Epoxy Resin: mica powder for resin is a superb epoxy color pigment and will give a shimmering and pearlescent look to your handmade products.
  • Pigment Powder for Nails: cosmetic grade mica powder, means that not only it can be used as an epoxy pigment, but also as a pigment powder for lip gloss, eye shadows, and nail art.
  • Epoxy Resin Color Pigment: our resin pigment powder set is perfectly suitable as an epoxy dye helping you create your own jewelry with stunning colors and a shimmering effect.
  • Soap Making Dye: resin mica powder can also be a great soap colorant which makes it an excellent choice as a soap coloring agent, with the exception of cold process soap.
  • Mica Pigment Powder 24 Colors Set: there are 24 bags of resin powder 0.1 oz each and an enclosed reference guide on how to use your brand-new epoxy pigment powder.

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