Biden shows the first photo from the James Webb Telescope today (11), 6 p.m.

The world will wait a little less to see the first image from the James Space Telescope webb, the most powerful ever created. NASA decided to anticipate the revelation and the American president, Joe Bidenwill show one of the photos this Monday (11), at 6:00 p.m. (Brasilia time).

It is possible that the chosen image is The deepest view of our universe ever. NASA confirmed it captured the record a few weeks ago (and released a preview on Friday the 8th). follow inclination to receive first-hand news.

The event originally scheduled for tomorrow (12), at 11:30 a.m. (Brasilia time), is still on. the transmission live on the space agency’s YouTube channel should focus on other unpublished material produced by James Webb.

And after

“The release of the first color images of James Webb will provide us with a unique moment to stop and marvel at a sight humanity has never seen before,” James Webb program scientist Eric Smith said in a statement. of the space agency.

Among the images expected for Tuesday is the spectrum of the exoplanet (planet outside the solar system) WASP-96 B. This photo will allow scientists to measure the light emitted at certain wavelengths, to give an idea of ​​​​the chemical composition and site training.

In total, the James Webb Telescope sharp for five targets at this first instant:

  • Carina Nebula: one of the brightest nebulae (space dust clouds where stars form) in the sky. In this nebula are stars several times larger than the Sun;
  • WASP-96B (spectrum): an exoplanet made up of gas and 1,150 light-years from Earth;
  • South Ring Nebula: a planetary nebula, a gas cloud nebula, surrounding a dead star. It is 2,000 light years from Earth;
  • Stephan’s Fifth: group of five galaxies in the constellation Pegasus, about 290 million light-years from Earth;
  • SMACS 0723: a cluster (grouping) of galaxies that distorts light from objects behind them, allowing deep vision into extremely distant and faint galaxies.

Hubble’s replacement

Developed decades ago and launched in December 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope is part of an effort by NASA, ESA (European Space Agency) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency).

Having been in space for just over six months, he first had to reach the Lagrange point L2 (1.5 million km from Earth) and perform a series of calibration before starting to make the first observations.

So far, the country consortium responsible for James Webb has only published calibration images, tests or “spoilers” of what is to come, showing the level of definition of the telescope compared to other observatories. spatial.

As is customary in space systems involving several space agencies, there is a competition mechanism between astronomers linked to these agencies for the choice of observation points.

The James Webb is considered the best space observatory ever made and somewhat replaces the Hubble telescope. It is hoped that with it it will be possible to solve the mysteries of the origin of our solar system, to observe distant worlds around other stars and to verify the structures and origins of our universe.

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