Bnews Protest? After the split, deputies are missing from the PP Convention

In veiled protest, some progressives decided not to attend the roll call that officially made Mário Júnior president

Published on 05/26/2023 at 12:40 p.m. Joilson Cesar/BNews Daniela Pereira

The split caused within the Progressive Party (PP), after Ronaldo Carletto was ousted by Mário Negromonte Júnior to lead the party in Bahia, was directly reflected in the party congress held this Friday morning (26 ).

Indeed, the arrival of the federal deputy Mário Júnior at the head of the PP is not unanimous within the party, because some fear that the federal government will break the process initiated by the state deputies pepista with the base of the governor Jerônimo Rodrigues (PT). For this reason, part of the progressive leadership campaigned for Ronaldo Carletto.

According to the information sent to the BNews, in the meeting last Monday (17), the Federal Deputy and President of the State of the acronym João Leão would have proposed an agreement for each candidate to assume the presidency for one year. Negromonte Júnior would take over in the first year and former federal deputy Ronaldo Carletto would take over in the second year in office. Carletto rejected him and left the party, assuming the presidency of Avante.

Although deputy Eduardo Salles tried to play down the tense atmosphere within the party, in veiled protest some progressives decided not to attend the convection that formalized Mário Júnior as president.

Among those absent are Bahian federal deputy Cláudio Cajado and state deputies Nelson Leão, Felipe Duarte. The former president of the acronym, federal deputy João Leão, was also not present, but the councilor had already informed that he had recently suffered from dengue fever and needed medical attention, in Brasilia.

Newly consecrated party president in Bahia, Mário Negromonte Júnior, revealed the main actions they intend to put into practice as party leader and talked about working together. “I want to open the party to listen more to the mayors, the leaders. We must make decisions together, with our federal and state MPs. The mission is difficult, but we are very aware of how we are going to do it. Unity, union, work and party always first,” he said.

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