Brazil misses and loses against Canada in women’s football

This Sunday 19, the Brazilian women’s team faced Canada, at Geodis Park, in Nashville, USA, for the second round of the SheBelieves Cup 2023. Canada 2-0.

The beginnings of the two teams were different in the competition. Brazil opened the SheBelives Cip by beating Japan by the minimum score, while the Canadians took on the home owners USA and ended up losing 2-0. With that, they had to beat the Brazilians to retrieve.

The game started off evenly, with both teams looking to attack. Brazil always arrived in the attacks of Tamires, Ludmilla and Debinha. Canada, for its part, managed to create a few chances, mainly in the touch of the ball.

At 30′, the Canadians opened the scoring. After the corner from the right, Lauren slipped into the small area and defender Gilles went up without a mark to score with a header. After conceding the goal, Brazil tried several ways to equalize, but Canada entered the break winning 1-0.

Brazil pulled out all the stops in search of a second-half draw. At 5′, after a corner, Lauren hits with the head, but Sheridan saves him. In the next minute, Debinha had the opportunity to score, but the Canadian goalkeeper worked well again. At 9′, it’s Ludmilla’s turn to face Sheridan who makes another good save.

The Brazilian team pressed, but suffered with the Canadian aerial ball and thus conceded the second goal. In the 26th minute, after the ball had been lifted into the box with a free kick, the Canadian players won twice with headers until the “inning” was left to Viens to kick first: 2- 0 on the scoreboard.

At 34′, another fine save from Sheridan, with a header from Bia Zaneratto. In the next movement, another defense from the Canadian goalkeeper, this time by Gabi Nunes. Despite the Brazilian pressure, the victory goes to Canada by 2 to 0.

Earlier in the preliminaries, the United States defeated Japan 1-0, Swanson’s goal. Now the teams return to the field on Wednesday the 22nd, for the final round of the SheBelieves Cup. Canada will face Japan at 5:30 p.m., while Brazil will face the United States at 9 p.m. Both games will take place at Toyota Stadium in Prisco, Texas.

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