Brazilian Coaching Academy Welcomes Canadian Olympic Coach for International Badminton Camp

The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) arrived this week in Teresina, capital of Piauí, for the international badminton camp of the Brazilian Coaching Academy (ABT). From May 30 to June 5, the 36 High Performance Athletic Course (HEAR) students will share their experiences with coach and consultant Jennifer Lee, who led Canada’s team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. continent and one of the best in the world in sport.

The ABT is an initiative of the Brazilian Olympic Institute (IOB), the educational area of ​​the COB, to complete the professional training of high-level coaches and, in this way, contribute in a relevant way to obtaining positive results. in Olympic sport.

“The coach is the basis of sports development. Where I have good coaches, I have good results. This is why the coach education process is so relevant. We invest heavily in the COB, training coaches of different modalities, with the aim of having good results. This specific training program currently taking place in Teresina is to train badminton coaches. They have already been in a training process since 2020, totaling 800 hours, and this is a time of practical training, where they have the opportunity to study a Canadian school on how to implement sports development programs, on how to identify a talented young person and how to develop them to high performance,” said IOB Manager Soraya Carvalho.

The International Internship module is one of the strengths of the ABT, an opportunity to exchange experiences and information with great world coaches, in addition to providing theoretical and practical support for the development of modalities.

“The course is of great value for badminton. I meet a lot of new coaches and to be here at the international camp with a reference coach from Canada, which is a power in the sport in the Americas, is fantastic. Not just for me, but for all the coaches who are here and for the development of sport in our country. We learn new things, techniques and tactics, from the development methodologies that she passed on to us. So I believe that in the future he will have good results for national badminton,” said Olympic athlete Fabiana Silva, who is in a career transition phase to become a coach.

“It is extremely important for me to take the ABT course, because I learn a number of new things. I have a lot of experience as an athlete, but for my current transition phase it has been essential. I’m learning from development to high performance and I believe it will boost my coaching career,” said Fabiana.

After two years without face-to-face activities due to the pandemic, this is the second international stage promoted by the COB in 2022. Earlier this month, the swimming class had a productive meeting with fellow Canadian Tom Johnson, responsible for taking athletes to 10 editions of the Olympic Games and the 14th World Championships.

By the end of the year, five other international courses are planned, in four different modalities, around Brazil.

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