Burnout: a study presents alternatives to deal with problems in organizations

Thanks to psychoanalysis, it is possible to study how organizational control manifests itself in the body of subjects in the world of work. Thus, organizational studies must go beyond the notion of the body, based on anatomy, as Marcelo Galletti, researcher at the São Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV EAESP) and Luiz Eduardo Moreira (psychoanalyst) found in the article published in Revista of Business Administration (RAE).

The researchers conduct an analysis of the literature on organizational studies and the psychoanalytic notion of the erogenous body, which considers the subjectivities of individuals. The article points out that there are still gaps in the productions on this relationship.

Modern Western knowledge understands organization from a parallel with the notion of organism, with each organ performing its function in the established order, explain the authors. In this line of thinking, the human body is understood through its biological functions and, therefore, as a passive object.

The notion of corporality recognizes the body as an expression of what is particular and subjective. According to the article, the concept of the erogenous body, derived from psychoanalysis, contributes to the understanding of the body through somatic and psychic elements. Understanding this relationship is important given the growth of work-related illnesses and disorders, such as burnout syndrome.

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