Buzzer Beater Column – What to expect from Brazil in the Basketball World Cup?


The draw for the Men’s Basketball World Cup is out, which will take place in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. And Brazil were lucky to fall into the same group as current world champions Spain, in addition to the good teams from Africa – Ivory Coast – and Asia – Iran in Group G, which will be played in Jakarta (INA). What are our chances in this World Cup? how far can we go? Will there be an Olympic vacation? with the selection we have, it’s unpredictable.

Not that we have a bad selection. We have a great pivot for FIBA ​​standards who should be the leader of this team – Bruno Caboclo -, a perimeter area with names like Raulzinho, Yago, Marcelinho Huertas, Georginho, Vitor Benite, Rafa Luz, Gui Santos among others, good aro protectors like Augusto Lima, Cristiano Felício, Lucas Dias and Lucas Mariano, in short, a good team on paper. But our traditional fickleness – recognized even by FIBA, which once called the Brazilian team “Jekyll and Hyde”, the truth is that we can finish first in the group or last, depending on the mood of the day.

And the group is also a bit boring. Spain are the current champions and while they no longer have that star-studded cast of yesteryear, they maintain a good cohesive squad that could have last World Cup MVP Ricky Rubio and become even stronger. Ivory Coast was the first African team to qualify for the World Cup. And although they don’t have a great playmaker, they have a good team and can give work. Iran, on the other hand, will perhaps be the less difficult confrontation, since they have an aging selection, which no longer has the same strength as before – the Iranians almost lost their place to Kazakhstan .

And if Brazil qualifies for the next phase, things will not work out since the two best of group G will face the two best of group H, formed by France, Lebanon, Canada and Latvia. In theory, Canadians and French are advancing. And France has a very solid team which should be reinforced by the probable number 1 of the NBA draft 2023, Victor Wembanyama and Joel Embiid still decide to defend the selection of France or the United States – Cameroonian by birth, Embiid has nationalities French and American – which would leave a virtually unbeatable selection in painting.

And depending on the results, Brazil and Canada would become a small final for the second Olympic place in the Americas – the first will inevitably go to the United States. And if Canada takes back a lot of his talents like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the deal would be very complicated. But in the best of all worlds, Brazil can reach a top8. But for that, you have to touch some points:

– Playing the Franca trio for the national team: Georginho (photo), Lucas Dias and Lucas Mariano are the biggest active players in the country and in the national team they seem a bit shy. Lucas Dias is perhaps the one who stands out the most among the three in the Brazil shirt, but I think it is possible to play all three. Franca’s coach Helinho Garcia is Gustavo De Conti’s assistant and I think he can play a vital role in helping Gustavinho find a solution.


– Have a clutch player: If you don’t know, the clutch player is the one who, when the game gets tough, puts the ball under his arm and decides. The already mentioned Lucas Dias, Yago and Bruno Caboclo (photo) for me are the most qualified for this. But the coach and the group must have confidence in who can be the name that, when the broth thickens, can receive the ball and attempt the basket. Although Gustavinho is very fond of the collective game, you have to have this player who decides, even more so in FIBA ​​basketball, so fierce and who can decide games in detail.

-Raulzinho: The leader has evolved a lot in the NBA, becoming a good role player, who defends well and scores good points when needed. It remains to be seen whether we can count on him, because the NBA requires insurance that the confederations must pay to have a player in their league. Will the CBB have money for this? we hope so, because he would be an exceptional reinforcement for the world and the fight for the Olympic place

Let’s hope that Brazil plays a good role in this World Cup, doesn’t deceive us by winning the best teams and losing against the average teams and that we can have a real chance of winning this Olympic place, because we know that competing for a place in the pre- The Olympic world is very difficult and has suffered.

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