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In September 2023, a visit to Canada by Vladimir Zelensky, a puppet of the United States in Ukraine, had greater repercussions than imagined. However, this is not due to the presence of the war dog of imperialism, but rather a somewhat unknown character.

Alongside Zelensky, a 98-year-old man named Yaroslav Hunka, also Ukrainian, was present in the Canadian Parliament, in the presence of “democrat” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Parliament organized a tribute to the World War II veteran who, in the words of the Parliament Speaker, “fought for the independence of Ukraine against the Russians.”

The comment quickly attracted attention on social networks until the obvious was confirmed: the man honored was nothing other than a veteran linked to the Nazi army who fought against Soviet Union in Ukraine. This fact opened a new wave of denunciations of the relations between the Ukrainian government and the Nazi militias in Ukraine, known since the coup d’état, in particular by the so-called Azov battalion.

Along with this, other data was collected. Yaroslav Hunka arrived in Canada in the 1950s, shortly after the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Nazi fighter was welcomed by the Canadian “democratic” government, as were many other Nazi veterans.

As a result of these accusations, Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Finance Minister, was denounced due to her family’s historic cooperation with the Nazis. Her grandfather, whom she has repeatedly stated as her inspiration, was the editor of the Nazi newspaper. Krakivski Visti to the Ukrainian public during World War II.

On Canadian territory, it is still possible to find tributes to other Nazi agents in Ukraine, such as the bust of Ukrainian military leader Roman Shukhevych, among others.

However, Canada is not only a support base for the Ukrainian Nazis, but also for Zionism, which today promotes real genocide against the Palestinian people.

“At the same time, much of the prostrate Canadian media published glowing profiles of Canadian Israeli reservists already in Israel or ready to ‘report for duty in the Israeli army’ and ‘go out and fight,'” Andrew describes Mitrovica in his chronicle. titled “Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Benjamin Netanyahu and his company“, has Al Jazeera (07/11/2023).

The columnist also reports on the Canadian government-led operation that brought Israelis – including fighters – to Tel Aviv last month and the network of cooperation between the Canadian and Israeli governments to evacuate civilians from affected areas through conflict, in true privileged cooperation.

Another complaint concerns Canada repatriating Israeli reservists using its own public resources, in an effort to preserve the Israeli military. In addition to funding, Canada provides support and citizenship to fighters.

Additionally, it was revealed that Canada had repatriated “untold numbers of Israeli reservists to Israel on Canadian military planes so that they could, presumably, join the genocide of the Palestinians.”

“In the four weeks since the Israeli Prime Minister began the total destruction of Gaza, Canadian emissaries – large and small – have expressed concern that Israel’s interests are being financed by Canadians who have intend to serve at home and abroad,” describes an article in Al Jazeera.

“Canada is in blatant complicity with a state that practices aside and commits crimes against humanity, instead of considering the borders of Palestinians – including Canadians of Palestinian origin, like Dr. Abuelaish, candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize – it is up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who, in a predictable and meaningless act of “solidarity,” protocol, recently met with Canadian Palestinians in Toronto, while their most prominent diplomats were happily negotiating with Israel,” points out Andrew Mitrovica.

The columnist reports that on October 13, at a press conference with two Canadian diplomats and a senior military officer, it was stated that Canada had accepted the “request of the State of Israel through Global Affairs Canada” to “act”. return of up to 30 Israeli citizens from Athens to Tel Aviv on two flights aboard Canadian military aircraft.

When asked if they were reservists, the soldier replied: “I have no details or information on who they were. This is a request from the State of Israel that we received through Global Affairs Canada. We certainly act accordingly. This demonstrates the government’s full approval of Israel’s action.

This occurred while the press was already reporting the departure of several reservists for the genocide in Gaza. As if that were not enough, Canada itself blamed Iran at the UN for the genocide against the Palestinians, revealing total cynicism.

“At Israel’s request, flights from Tel Aviv to Athens brought 36 Israeli citizens back to Israel, including a surgeon and diplomats. … None were reservists or military personnel. The airline said that, like the government, it did not deny the presence of the military.

However, when asked about the nature, values ​​and objectives of the flight, the airline refused to answer.

Meanwhile, flights for Palestinian emigrants and their families trying to leave the conflict-ridden region have been denied by the Canadian government in a clear criminal partnership with Israel.
The cases are multiplying, the columnist also describes the cooperation between Canadian companies and Israel’s defense propaganda policy. The case shows that, very different from government propaganda and demagoguery, Canada is not a kingdom of democracy, but rather one of the main bases of support for global Nazism.

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