Canada experiences worst fire season in history and Brazil sends fighters to fight blaze | World

Group of Brazilians training to fight fires in Canada — Photo: Brazilian Humanitarian Mission

Canada is experiencing the worst fire season in its history, and a group of just over 100 Brazilians specializing in fighting fires in forest areas has been sent to help Canadian authorities.

Among the Brazilians there are 20 employees of the Chico Mendes Institute and 41 of Ibama – among them, 10 are quilombolas from Goiás and 9 are indigenous people of the Xerente ethnic group, from Tocantins. The Brazilian mission is coordinated by the Brazilian Cooperation Agency of Itamaraty.

The entire force is camped in a field in British Columbia, in western Canada.

It was not just Brazil that sent fighters; there are also firefighters from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Mexico, South Korea and Costa Rica.

By the 20th, more than 100,000 square kilometers of land in Canada had been burned. Hundreds of fires persist and a small number are considered under control.

According to the AP agency, indigenous lands have been particularly affected, and indigenous people constitute the majority of citizens far from their homes.

Image of a Brazilian training to fight fires in Canada — Photo: Brazilian humanitarian mission

Firefighting training for Brazilians in Canada — Photo: Brazilian Humanitarian Mission

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