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Canada Launches Joint Investigation into OpenAI’s Collection and Use of ChatGPT Data

Canadian privacy regulators are launching a joint investigation into OpenAI’s collection and use of ChatGPT data, becoming the latest major government to take a closer look at the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

The federal privacy regulator, along with its counterparts in Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta, will investigate whether the company has obtained consent for the collection, use and disclosure residents’ personal information via ChatGPT, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada announced Thursday.

OpenAI did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters.

The launch of chatbot sensation ChatGP has fueled a race between tech giants such as Alphabet and Meta, leaving governments in a bind as they weigh laws to govern the use of the new technology.

ChatGPT can generate articles, essays, jokes, and even poetry in response to requests. OpenAI, a private company backed by Microsoft, made it freely available to the public at the end of November.

Canada’s investigation will also look at whether the company met “its obligations to openness and transparency, access, accuracy and accountability.”

“As this is an active investigation, no further details are available,” the commissioner’s office said, adding that the findings of the investigation will be made public.

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