Canadian Football Association president resigns after dispute with women’s national team

Nick Bontis has decided to stay out of control, find out the reasons and what can happen

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Two weeks ago, Canada’s National Women’s Soccer Team issued a public letter calling for the resignation of Federation President Nick Bontis. After several controversies, weeks of conversations and misplaced information, the leader has decided to end his mandate, find out the details.

Resignation of the President of the Canadian Football Association

Nick Bontis had served in the managerial position since November 2020. However, Canada’s national team players issued a request in early February asking for an “immediate change” and sending statements to Canadian fans about the treatment of the women’s program “in a manner equally and with justice”.

After the declaration, several questions were analyzed by the council of the 13 associations of the North American country. And on Monday (27), Nick Bontis published his resignation. In the statement, he says: “although I have been one of the biggest advocates of an equal system associated with performance in competitions, unfortunately I will not be at the helm of the federation when that happens.” .

In the press release, Bontis is positioning himself on the scene of the signing of a historic collective agreement, but recognizes that the changes underway require his departure. Mainly following the club’s more consistent results, among the controversies is the mandatory request for Benfica striker Cloé Lacasse to play in the SheBelieves tournament even though she said she would go on strike. The initiative was well received by men, even receiving support from Stephen Eustáqui and Steven Vitória.


The Canadian national soccer team won the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Games. Thus, the players intend to demand an amount equal to that applied to the men’s team during the World Cup, but women’s version. According to captain Christine Sinclair, the Federation has made available 11 million dollars, and for women in the last edition less than half.

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