Canadian police investigate $15 million gold heist at Toronto airport

Canadian police investigate $15 million gold heist at Toronto airport
Cole Burston/Reuters – 05/20/2022

Canadian police announced on Thursday (21) that they are investigating the theft of more than $15 million (R$75.7 million) in gold and other ‘high value’ assets from Toronto airport.

The gold and other valuables arrived in a container on Monday which was unloaded from a plane and safely stored at the cargo facility, said Stephen Duivesteyn, a Peel Regional Police Inspector, during a press conference.

The cargo was reported missing shortly thereafter. Duivesteyn said “the high-value container was illegally removed from the facility”, but declined to comment on details of the theft or who might have been behind it.

“Our investigators are open to all possibilities,” the official said. “We are evaluating from all angles how it was stolen.”

The Toronto Sun reported that – according to unnamed sources – the thieves took 3,600 pounds of gold and that authorities are investigating organized crime groups in the area.

“It’s quite unusual,” Duivesteyn said, describing the theft as an isolated incident with no impact on travelers.

The officer added that it was too early to determine whether it was a professional theft or a crime of opportunity.

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