Canadian students visit Nova Friburgo

Canadian students from Colégio Sainte-Anne, Canada, are in Nova Friburgo with the Off Grid program and Fazer Eco Caminhos, taking part in experiments and recordings for a documentary on sustainable tourism, which is part of the conclusion of a school program that highlights your passions during the academic period.

Collection of data, images and experiences for the documentary, on the theme of sustainable tourism, which is concerned with the sustainability of economic, social and environmental problems, as well as the improvement of the experience of tourists and, by meeting the needs of guests and communities, will receive the Friborg cachet of the international Eco Caminhos farm and the Off Grid program (humanized development).

Canadian students, in addition to agroforestry experiences and ecological constructions on the farm, also promote interventions in the neighborhood of Cordoeira, where adolescents and children from the Municipal School Padre Rafael and the Projecto Casa (Missão Peixes) live a English immersion and cultural exchange. . In addition, these young foreign students “bring in” financial resources for the construction of a wooden playground, which has been set up in the schoolyard.

Discoveries, hopes, diversities and inclusions, served with altruism and empathy are part of this international meeting of people with people and places, and, it is expected from these good times together, the enlargement of the vision of the world and the construction of beautiful memories that help children and young people build better paths for a better, healthier and more beautiful world!

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