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In November 2012, Jornal do Sindipetro PR and SC Nº 1297 had on its cover the title “Selling illusions, neoliberal rage – A possible partnership between Petrobras and a Canadian conglomerate raises concern”.

The text denounced that the international sphere of the public company treated with a great eye the constitution of a “joint-venture”, a kind of partnership, with the group Forbes & Manhattan for the exploration of shale in the world through Petrosix technology, developed by the unit of Petrobras de São Mateus do Sul-PR (SIX).

The Union bulletin article already announced that Forbes intended to operate in the extraction of Brazilian shale through Iraty Energy, its subsidiary in the country, in addition to pointing out that former SIX/Petrobrás employees who were responsible for technology patents acted as consultants for the Canadian group.

Now, nearly ten years later, Sindipetro PR and SC’s complaints about Forbes’ greed and unorthodox practices are confirmed. In a four-page report published in this week’s print edition (issue Nº 1211) under the title “Look at the banana!”, journalist René Ruschel of Carta Capital reveals that Petrobras is delivering the shale plant for just over half of its profit obtained in 2021 from the Canadian company suspected of industrial espionage.

“In Paraná, the Canadian group Forbes & Manhattan Resources Inc. is accused of having received inside information in the midst of negotiations to buy the shale industrialization unit, SIX, located in the municipality of São Mateus do Sul. The commitment between the parties was signed in November 2021. It is now awaiting the approval of the Economic Defense Administrative Council and the National Petroleum Agency. The National Association of Minority Shareholders of Petrobras Petroleum Workers (Anapetro), however, intends to block the deal in court,” reads an excerpt from the report.

Carta Capital even showed the names of former SIX employees suspected of dithering for Forbes. “The envisioned partnership between Petrobras and F&M didn’t prosper either, but the gringos began hiring six retired engineers who worked on developing and researching the Petrosix process.

Irati Energia’s staff included João Carlos Winck, João Carlos Gobbo, Celio Paulo Susin, now deceased, and Jorge Hardt Filho, all former employees of the public company. The mission of the engineers was to obtain the patent for the Petrosix process which the group had been seeking for some time to negotiate with Petrobras, but had not been able to do so”.


The report states that “the nebulous transaction still bears the fingerprints of Engevix Engenharia”. This company was a partner of Petrobras and Forbes in international projects involving the Petrosix process.

“According to Anapetro, in the company’s slides and presentation material, it was possible to find copies of confidential Petrobras documents, including the logo, in addition to internal data” likely leaked as part of the deal of cooperation between Engevix and Petrobras”. Interestingly, Sakurai, the director who authorized Hardt’s privileged access (to SIX computers), after his retirement, did not become unemployed. He was hired by Engevix himself as a consultant”, denounces the publication.

Cancellation of sale

Anapetro chairman Mário Dal Zot was one of the sources consulted by the Carta Capital report and said there were enough elements to prevent SIX from trading.

“We will be seeking the reversal of the sale of SIX through legal action and also through complaints to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the TCU, due to the various liens Forbes & Manhattan obtained in the acquisition of the ‘unity and the loss that this transaction represents. to the treasure’, revealed.

Iraty Energy, a subsidiary of F&M, was contacted by the magazine, but did not return before the article was published.

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