Cats need care in winter to avoid illnesses and accidents

On June 21, the coldest season of the year landed in Brazil. Winter is known for dropping temperatures, as well as longer nights and shorter days. During this period, certain precautions are necessary to avoid illnesses, such as the flu. Smocks, coats and thicker blankets are used to protect against the cold. These precautions are valid for both humans and pets, who are also suffering from the drop in temperatures and deserve the attention of guardians to ensure that they are also comfortable during this season.

“Although cats are cold like dogs, the difference is that cats do not have such dense coats. There are still completely hairless breeds, such as the Sphynx, which are more vulnerable to cold and deserve more attention. “, explains Bruna Fabro, veterinarian of Botupharma. Also known as the Canadian hairless cats, the gene responsible for the hairlessness of the Sphynx is hereditary alopecia and is recessive. The breed was born by chance in 1966, when a cat gave birth to a hairless kitten.Sphynx in English means sphinx, and the cat was baptized with this name precisely because of its resemblance to the Egyptian statue.

But cold weather cat care isn’t just limited to hairless cats. Regardless of breed, every animal deserves care and attention at this time of year. Certain attitudes of cats during this period can be signs that the animal is cold and that the guardian must take action. “When the cat is cold, it usually looks for more welcoming places, the hair tends to stand up and it shrinks more, in addition to having cold extremities, like the paws and the ears”, explains the veterinarian.

Although it is a characteristic of felines to like more hidden places, in winter they may seek refuge in warmer spaces such as routers, televisions and laptops. However, this equipment can end up leading to accidents such as falls or electric shocks. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful. Another often favorite place for felines in winter is the hood of cars. Because of the hot engine, cats usually rest in these spaces, which can be quite dangerous, since almost no one is used to looking at the engine before starting the car.

To avoid accidents, the driver can hit the hood before starting the car or even honk the horn and wait a while for the cat to come out. “We can prevent cats from taking refuge in unusual places, which can become potentially dangerous in the cold. Offer him a place that provides him with thermal comfort, such as beds and blankets so that he can shelter, especially cats, who by nature like to cover themselves. The place should be covered, to prevent them from being exposed to wind and rain. Cats generally like cardboard boxes and you can use them to protect them from the cold, by preventing them from having direct contact with the cold ground”, specifies the veterinarian.

One of the most common diseases in cats during the winter is rhinotracheitis – also called cat flu – which affects the airways of cats. Moreover, they can also be affected by allergies and bronchitis. Older cats with joint disease also end up suffering more on colder days. To prevent its health from being compromised, it is important to be aware of the animal’s behavior, since cats are more discreet than dogs, so it is more difficult to know if they are in pain or sick. .

In addition to leaving spaces around the house where they can be warm and comfortable, it is important to ensure that the cat’s diet is balanced and provides all the nutrients it needs and which are important. to strengthen the immune system of the feline. “Food supplements are often a great option to keep them healthy and better prepared to fight off disease if they get sick. Probiotics with beta-glucan help both improve immune response and nutrient absorption , while omega 3, for example, is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can also help with allergies, plus they can reduce their water intake, which is particularly harmful for this species. As in other seasons, the ideal is to spread pots of fresh water in the house to encourage consumption and use resources such as fountains with fountains, since they prefer to drink running water, “concludes Bruna .

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