Charles Jordan defeated by Shane Burgos

Canadian featherweight Charles (Air) Jourdain lost by majority decision to (Hurricane) Shane Burgos at UFC Fight Night on Saturday.

The referees gave Burgos 29-28 and 29-28, and tied at 28-28.

Jordan (13-5-1) finished in style in the third round and hit more hits throughout the fight (113-42 by UFC stats). But Burgos (15-3-0) took him down twice, attempted three serves and lost control for over six minutes.

All three judges gave Jordan the third round. Two judges awarded the first two rounds to Burgos. The third referee gave the first and third rounds to Jordan, but scored the second round 10-8 for Bergos, bringing his scorecard to 28-28.

After the fight, Burgos said he was confident he had done enough to make the decision.

“I thought I had the first two rounds,” said Burgos, who was unhappy with his performance.

Burgos, of Monroe, New York, ranked 14thand At 145 pounds, he has the support of the crowd at Long Island’s new USB Arena.

At five and a half feet tall, Burgos had a height of two inches and the advantage of reaching six and a half inches. But if Burgos is bigger, then 26-year-old Beluelis has the speed advantage.

Burgos, 31, began to accelerate and followed Jordan around the cage. They clung to the fence and Burgos threw Jordan to the ground. As they rose, Burgos clung to Jordan’s back with a suspension of surrender.

They got back to the ground and Burgos placed a chokehold. Jordan managed to resist. The Canadian showed some sportsmanship halfway through by stepping away, after Burgos’ mouthguard fell off, to allow him to wear it again. Jordan threw a few punches and knees as they crashed into the fence.

Burgos dominated the second round, supporting Jordan’s back with a body triangle. They went to Earth, Jordan, black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, trying to shake things up. Burgos tried to strangle him but couldn’t get his arm under Jordan’s chin, who pushed him away.

The crowd started chanting “USA” in the third round, and Jordan threw quick punches and Burgos responded with leg kicks. There was less movement from Jordan as the pair exchanged blows.

Jordan picked up his pace and hit Burgos with a series of high kicks, then grabbed Burgos by the neck and dropped to his knees as he grabbed his opponent. The Canadian threw Burgos into the fence and chased him around the cage.

Burgos slowed the attack by holding Jordan back as the Canadian attempted to kneel and the fight ended in blows between the two men.

The loss ended Jordan’s two-fight winning streak and reduced his UFC record to 4-4-1. Burgos improved his UFC record to 8-3-0 with his second straight win.

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