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The ABAE offers about twenty camps with different activities for all tastes for children and teenagers

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As the holidays approach, there is also a reflection: what program to do with the children? Children’s audiences have suffered from several changes caused by the pandemic, one of which is the great immersion in the digital world. The use of electronic devices by children and teenagers is on the rise, which often worries parents.

In a survey carried out by TIC Kids Online Brasil in 2019, it was highlighted that 89% of this audience consumes content in the digital world. Already in 2021, this index has risen to 93%. Furthermore, a survey carried out by Giga Gloob points out that 15% of children between 2 and 4 years old already have their own mobile phone.

With that in mind, camps for kids and teens can be a great alternative for parents who want to avoid using electronic devices while on vacation. With the aim of providing a form of leisure that, in addition to being fun, brings several lessons, the ABAE (Brazilian Association of Educational Camps) has twenty camps whose principle is community and outdoor life. According to the association, among the various activities offered are artistic workshops, games promoting interpersonal interaction, ecological workshops, rafting and trails.

Camps are great vacation options for kids and teens (Photo: Reproduction/Freepik/tawatchai07)

“At Camp Aruanã, we observed a demand from country of this digital detox. Campers who bring some kind of electronic device deliver the devices to the coordination, which are placed in a safe and returned at the end of the programs,” explains Camila Gaudio, the camp director.

NR Acampamentos has educational stations that are used for activities. Located in Sapucaí-Mirim, Minas Gerais, this camp welcomes children from 5 to 10 years old. At the Santo Antônio do Pinhal unit, they receive adolescents from 11 to 16 years old.

Places have different types of activities (Photo: Reproduction / Freepik)

Kito Vivolo, director of Abae and NR Campamentos explains that the place has activities to please everyone. “The motto is to offer activities for all tastes, with sports, competitive, artistic and cultural activities. Each camper can find their favourite, such as theatre, dance, orchestra, sports clinics, journalism, activities in nature, arts and painting, among many others”.

“A novelty that we are bringing is that the 3rd week of July we will have the Kids & Teens season, as well as the football-themed seasons, in partnership with the Paris Saint German Academy and the basketball season, NRB, with former NBA and WNBA athletes, as well as an international coach from the Canadian basketball base”.

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