company receives license to explore for gold in Currais Novos | great northern river

Gold exploration will take place in an area of ​​the rural area of ​​Currais Novos — Photo: Idema/Disclosure

The Institute for Sustainable Development and the Environment (Idema) issued this Wednesday (8) an installation permit for a gold mining and processing on an area of ​​490 hectares, in the rural area of ​​Currais Novos, in Seridó, about 170 km from Natal.

The document is valid for five years. The gold mine at the Borborema project is one of the largest in all of Brazil, according to the body, and is managed by the Canadian company Aura Minerals.

The official delivery took place during a meeting at Idema headquarters. For the director general of Idema, Léon Aguiar, the objective of state management is to attract investment to the RN.

“We need to take back all of our state’s mining potential, with the attention and investment the sector deserves,” he said.

Borborema Project

The Aura Borborema project enters the company’s portfolio as a growth project and its objective is to start in the fourth quarter of 2024according to their representatives.

The company estimates the creation of 747 direct jobs during construction and 600 direct jobs during operation.

With the signing of the memorandum of intentions, in January of this year, the company made a commitment to the State to give priority to the local workforce, to forge partnerships for training and to encourage the workforce. women’s work to revitalize the region’s economy.


According to the document issued by Idema, the contractor is aware that he must strictly follow the conditions imposed in the authorization to remove vegetation; that it must preserve and respect the margins of water bodies in order to preserve the natural conditions of the environment; and that it must carry out all environmental control programs.

The company must also submit, annually, a soil geochemical monitoring report, with at least one sample per semester, in order to create a geochemical standard for the region.

Idema also reported that an effective stormwater drainage system is needed to prevent erosion and landslides in project facilities and accesses.

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