Conflict in Ukraine threatens to affect Indonesia

More than a month of war in Ukraine and there is no sign of white smoke. On the contrary, the situation on the ground is worsening, with the suffering of millions of innocent Ukrainians, and international tension is worsening. The Russia-US-Europe relationship is going through its worst days. From Canada also comes the voice of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who defends the exclusion of Russia from the next G20 meeting, because he understands that the country which launched an invasion of Ukraine cannot be considered a “partner constructive”.

“I don’t think we can sit with Russia at a table,” Trudeau said, adding that he had already discussed this issue with the Indonesian president, who this year chairs the G20, a group that brings together largest economies in the world. For Trudeau, “it makes no sense to have a discussion about global economic growth if the nation responsible for much of the trouble is at the same table.” And he went further: “It makes sense that Vladimir Putin is not present this year. A long-term deportation will have to be discussed,” Trudeau also argued. Indonesia, which chairs the G20, expressed that it would remain “impartial”, while China came to defend that Vladimir Putin should have his place at the summit scheduled for November in Indonesia.

Russia was suspended indefinitely from the group of eight most industrialized countries in the world (G8 – now back to the G7) in 2014, after the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula. Now, Moscow has said that its possible expulsion from the G20 because of the “special military operation” in Ukraine “will not be deadly”, although it has stressed the importance of cooperation in this format and confirmed its presence at the meeting. Putin believes that he continues to have the right to everything and everyone, even in the face of the invasion he unleashed and which the world knows and condemns.

After the Prime Minister of Canada sounded the alarm on this subject and Beijing came to defend Moscow, it is Brussels’ turn to make itself heard. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has just warned China not to support the Russian regime. He called on the Middle Kingdom “not to interfere” with EU sanctions against Russia or to support the Russian regime militarily in the war in Ukraine.

More than 40 countries have already adopted heavy sanctions against Putin’s regime. Von der Leyen did not beat around the bush to declare: “We have made it very clear that China must, if not support, at least not interfere with our sanctions. More: “We discussed it [na última reunião do Conselho de Segurança da NATO] and also the fact that no European citizen would understand any support for Russia in the war and, moreover, it would do a lot of damage to China’s reputation here in Europe”.

For von der Leyen, “China, as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, has a special responsibility” in the end of hostilities, given its proximity to Russia. It really is! It is good that you remember that your role as a world power includes not only rights, but also duties. And maintaining world peace, even to promote international trade which has made the Dragon economy flourish, is one of the duties of the world for the benefit of all.

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