Coren-SP meets with Quebec representatives to facilitate the immigration of Brazilian professionals

Last Friday (28), Coren-SP received the visit of representatives of the government of Quebec, province of Canada, for a meeting aimed at a future cooperation for the immigration of nursing professionals registered with the council. The meeting was held in the auditorium on the 8th floor of the Coren-SP headquarters.

The Canadian province was represented at the meeting by Kathleen Bécotte, Director General of Affairs and Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Immigration, Franchising and Integration of Quebec; Julie-Anne Rivard, director of mobility at the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services; Fanny Marcoux, Director of Quebec Immigration Services for Latin America; Hércules Kuster, promotion and prospecting attaché at the Quebec office in São Paulo and Sarah Sanchez, promotion and prospecting advisor at the Quebec office in São Paulo.

Participants of the meeting, held in the auditorium on the 8th floor

The Coren-SP was represented by its second secretary, Mauro Antônio Pires Dias da Silva; by Councilor Ana Paula Guarnieri; by the director of Coren-SP Educação, Catarina Abe; by the Attorney General, Fernanda Sana, by the head of logistics and real estate administration, João Marcos do Nascimento and by the councilor Tatiane Almeida de Carvalho.

Mauro Antônio Pires Dias da Silva during his presentation

Councilors Mauro Antônio and Ana Paula Guarnieri presented data on nursing care in São Paulo to representatives from Quebec. Catarina and Tatiane presented the continuing education activities offered by Coren-SP Educação.

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