Doctors arrive in Roraima to treat indigenous people facing a public health emergency | national newspaper

The doctors who will provide assistance to the indigenous peoples are already in the north of the country

The doctors who will provide exclusive assistance to the indigenous peoples are already in the north of the country. They are Brazilians who graduated abroad.

The group made up of 117 professionals landed in Boa Vista at the end of the morning this Saturday (18). Doctors will work in 30 special indigenous health districts.

Before boarding, the doctors took a course in Brasilia. For the first time, with a specific approach to serving the indigenous population, with more information on the culture and traditions of each people.

Dr. Dilma Manterin says targeted training was key. “So that we can have more security to reach the villages, although we are indigenous, but we know that Brazil has several ethnic groups and these different ethnic groups have their own customs, cultural”explains the doctor.

The group which embarked this Saturday had already worked within the Mais Médicos program. They are Brazilian or naturalized professionals trained abroad. In addition to this first wave, the Ministry of Health intends to send another 29 professionals to indigenous districts by early May.

The hiring notice was published last July.

“We are talking about people who even have a lower incidence of diabetes than the urban population, hypertension, and people who suffer from infectious diseases some of which have vaccines, some of which have treatment, especially when diagnosed early.

The doctors will receive a grant of almost R$13,000 and will work in the villages for three years.

Doctor Alysson Figueiredo sees the opportunity as a learning exchange. “Personally, I felt compelled to develop a profession and to develop attention, because it is a personal knowledge and it is learned together. No one is going to know, we are going to learn more, in fact”said the doctor.

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