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Molly dog ​​— Photo: Playback/Instagram

The resignation of the mayor of Toronto, Canada, has favored new elections which should be held this Monday (26) in the largest Canadian city. Among the 102 candidates, one stands out in particular: the dog Molly, who competes alongside her tutor Toby Heaps.

The 6.5-year-old dog is a wolf-husky breed and was born in Sochi, Russia. Despite the custom with colder places, it also suffers when snowfall hits the area.

Molly and Toby struggle with the “salt attack” that occurs during these colder times. With the snow accumulating in the streets, the town hall throws salt all over the city with the intention of speeding up the melting of the snow. The problem is that the measure hurts the paws of animals that then roam the area.

Molly and Toby’s main agendas are environmental. In the countryside, they propose solving homelessness, raising taxes on billion dollar corporations, and banning the use of fossil fuel heating systems in new homes and commercial buildings.

Officially, the candidate is Toby, who told the BBC she would nominate Molly as the city’s first honorary canine mayor.

“I think the city council would make better decisions if there was an animal in the room,” he told the UK state network.

O g1 asked the town hall to understand if the appointment is possible, but there was no response until the last update of this report.

Molly dog ​​— Photo: Breeding/Twitter

To run for mayor, any citizen residing in Toronto must only 25 signatures and pay a fee of CAN$250 (about R$900).

Former mayor John Tory has resigned after revelations of an extramarital affair. It has been criticized, primarily, for increasing social inequality across the city.

It is now the first by-election in Toronto’s history since six counties came together to form what is colloquially known as the “megalopolis” 25 years ago.

The vote takes place this Monday (26) between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. (from Brasilia).

Molly, canine candidate for mayor of Toronto, on public transport in the city — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

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