Drake Breaks Record for Most Streams by a Rapper in Spotify History

Drake and Travis Scott are the rappers with the most monthly listeners on the platform.

the rapper duck sits at the top of all artists for stream records of Spotify. In recent days, Canadians and Travis Scott compete healthily with whoever occupies the position of rapper with the most monthly listeners on the streaming platform. Last weekend, La Flame had taken the first place with more than 74.9 million monthly listeners.

The new album by Travis Scott, “Utopia”, is the best-selling album in the United States at the moment and the interest generated by the record has caused its monthly audience on Spotify to skyrocket. On Friday (18) he exceeded duck as the hip-hop artist with the most monthly listeners on Spotify. The Canadian had until then 74.7 million ovums.

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From now on, this Monday (21), the brand is back in the bosom of duck. According to the profile of Twitterthe Canadian singer took first place reaching 75.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Meanwhile, at the time of this publication, Travis Scott remains tied at the same 75.2 million.

Although Travis Scott It is duck to be the best rapper Spotifyin terms of monthly listeners, they are still behind The weekend, Taylor Swift, bad bunny, Ed Sheeran It is Doua Lipain this order. The weekend became the first artist to surpass Spotify’s 100 million monthly listeners in March this year.

Last February, duck became the first artist to cross 75 billion collective streams on Spotify. As news of the feat spread, he pleaded for artists to be treated like sports stars and given bonuses after clearing the broadcast milestones. “We should get bonuses as athletes to motivate future performers to be consistent and competitive,” he wrote.

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