Drake talks ‘last straw’ and calls for action against AI after music with his recreated voice goes viral

The internet is increasingly overrun with AI-generated content and that has irritated some people. Who decided to break the silence now was the rapper duckwho recently fell victim to AI.

The Canadian saw an audio with his voice singing the song “Munch”, by ice spiceare going viral on social media.

Via his Instagram account, Drake posted a story with a Universal Music update asking streaming services to block AI companies from accessing his music. Accompanying the article which also discussed the track created with his vocals, he said:

This is the last straw for AI.

And you what do you think ?

Drake and the use of artificial intelligence

How do you describe the portal? Digital Music Newsa Universal Music spokesperson commented on the AI ​​feature request:

We have a moral and commercial responsibility to our artists to work to prevent unauthorized use of their music and prevent platforms from ingesting content that violates the rights of artists and other creators. We expect our platform partners to want to prevent their services from being used in a way that harms artists.

Even after Drake’s complaint, another song using his vocals is making the rounds on the internet.

This time, a netizen who identifies himself as a ghostwriter, which in loose translation can mean “ghost composer”, shared on his YouTube channel a song called “Heart On My Sleeve”, which simulates Drake and The weekend singing about the pop musician and singer’s former relationship Selena Gomez.

Other examples of the use of artificial intelligence in music production that circulated on social media were from Rihanna singing “CUFF IT” by Beyonce, Kanye West singing the hit “Love Yourself”, by justin bieberand many more.

Check out Drake’s post below as well as the tracks that have been made available on the internet using his voice.

Songs created by AI and human voice simulation technology

Earlier this year, we told you that Microsoft was testing a tool that could simulate any human voice dictating any text using just three seconds of audio in which that person speaks; discover more details here.

Impressive as it is, many artists worry about the lack of control over the use of their voice and imagery. It’s to trigger the alert, right?

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