EM Padre Donato Vaglio students practice roller hockey

Students of EM Padre Donato Vaglio have another sports option, roller hockey. The initiation courses are offered thanks to a partnership between the Pama Golden Knights Academy and the Municipality of Bragança Paulista, through the Municipal Secretariats of Youth, Sports and Leisure and Education.

The Pama Golden Knights Academy is a hockey training program offered in 56 countries, sponsored by the Pama Golden Knights, which is the licensed inline hockey team of the “Las Vegas Golden Knights”, member of the NHL, the North American ice hockey league. The Pama Golden Knights Academy was founded in 2020 by Brazilian player and coach Pablo Navarro.

“Last year, we started negotiations to set up new free sports activities for our children. We found a great partner, Pablo Navarrro, coach of the Canadian national team for the implementation of Roller Hockey. Now the dream is already a reality with the pilot plan developed in partnership between the municipality of Bragança and the Pama Golden Knights Academy project which operates in more than 50 countries,” said the municipal secretary of youth, sports and leisure, Jota Malon.

The initiation courses take place every Tuesday and Thursday, for children from 08 to 12 years old at EM Padre Donato Vaglio, and are given by the teacher and athlete of Roller Hockey, Rogério Watanabe “Japa”.

“The goal of this project is to introduce online hockey to society, through a social program, and to introduce a new sport for children. The idea is to bring this sport to other schools in the city”, commented roller hockey teacher and athlete, Rogério Watanabe “Japa”.

inline hockey

Online Hockey it’s a team sport. It is played on cement or wooden courts, similar to ice hockey, but smaller. In Brazil, roller hockey is the most popular type of hockey because it is very similar to ice hockey.

2023.04.18 Students from EM Padre Donato Vaglio practice Inline Hockey (3)2023.04.18 Students of EM Padre Donato Vaglio practice Inline Hockey (2)2023.04.18 Students of EM Padre Donato Vaglio practice Online Hockey (1)

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