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Some people say that traveling is one of the best experiences we can have in life. Therefore, one can imagine that doing an exchange program is something even more incredible, since it is possible to stay on site for a long time. And how about an exchange in Canada?

This country, which is the second in the world in terms of territory, has just over 38 million inhabitants. Due to colonization, in addition to English, they have French as another official language.

“Canada offers scenery for all tastes and is a nation known for its high investment in education. Health, safety, transport and a culture of respect for the dignity of people are also characteristic of this region,” comments Cláudio Cantamessa, director of Eagle Brasil.

“One of the attractions of Canada is the fact that it is a multicultural region and that its inhabitants are known for their receptivity to foreigners. Many Brazilians who study there tend to work in operational jobs, which are in demand throughout the year. Despite the choice to study one of the languages, the possibility of having contact with the two official languages ​​conquers the students. In addition, some universities assign a large part of their vacant places to foreigners,” Cantamessa comments.

Each nation has its own rules for the entry of foreigners and the types of visas have their own peculiarities. For the student visa, for example, you must be accepted by an educational institution for a minimum period of 6 months.

“The tourist visa is compulsory for all Brazilians, whether in transit, on business or simply visiting. And, with a few exceptions, generally it allows a stay of up to 6 months.

For those who want to work in Canada, the visa is granted conventionally, and the person must have a proven job offer. But, if you don’t have this offer, you can apply for a visa directly at the Canadian Consulate,” he says.

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec (Press release)

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