Fábio Dalamaria wins gold at the Pan American Track Cycling Championships

Performed in Peru, the Pan American Track Cycling Championship started on August 10 and will continue until August 14. with the participation of Alice Melo, Nicolle Wendy Borges, Taise Benato and Wellyda Rodrigues in the women’s team and Fabio Dalamaria, Flavio Cipriano, Joao Vitor and Kacio Freitas in the men’s team Brazil took his delegation after a period of training at the Velodrome in Rio de Janeiro. The competition will even launch the race for the classification for the Paris Olympic Games.

On the second day of competition, Fabio Dalamaria won first place in Test by points. Fabio’s medal breaks Brazil’s 22-year fast without a gold medal in the race. the last had been Hernandes Quadri Junior in 2000. Canadian Michael Foley won silver and Colombian Jordan Parra bronze.

Fabio Dalamaria wins the gold medal in the Panoply of track cycling in Lima. (Photo: Brazilian Cycling Confederation/Instagram)

Besides the Dalamaria result, the Brazilian team also clinched fourth place in the Women’s Open, with Alice Melo. In the women’s team pursuit event, which took place on Thursday, athletes Wellyda Rodrigues, Alice Melo, Nicole Borges and Taise Benato took fifth place.


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