Famous Canadian sniper arrives in Ukraine to help fight Russia | World

He is one of the best fighters for his position in the Canadian Armed Forces. Previously, he participated in missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Zelensky told me they needed a sniper. It’s like a firefighter who heard the alarm go off. I had to go,” the soldier told La Presse.

Ukrainian soldiers drive a tank captured by Russian forces and claim to have destroyed a convoy

In 2017, in Afghanistan, Wali fired a fatal shot, which at that time was recorded as the longest in military history (3.5 km).

At the time, to avoid a bombardment in an area with a civilian presence, the Canadian Armed Forces opted for sniper activity.

Below is an overview of how ballistics knowledge can be applied to explain the science behind the shot and understand what the 3.5 kilometer distance is:

Understand the science behind the Canadian sniper’s record shot and compare the shooting distance, 3.5 km, with three Brazilian postcards — Photo: Editoria de Arte/G1

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