Fifa 23 adds the hijab to the game; part is used by Moroccan defender Nouhaila Benzina – 08/10/2023

08/10/2023 | 08:35

Fifa 23, the world’s first electronic football game, announced Wednesday the 9th the addition of the hijab, a traditional Islamic veil that covers the head and neck but leaves the face exposed, to the avatars’ customizable fingerprint accessories. athletes present in the game.

The realization of the game is due to the Moroccan defender Nouhaila Benzina, 25 years old. At the 2023 Women’s World Cup, she became the first player to wear the hijab in the history of the tournament. Prior to the addition of the garment, the Benzina model was not available in the game mode which simulates the 2023 World Cup.

In addition to being historic, the law was also considered a significant step forward in the discussion of freedom and women’s clothing in sport. The use of hijab is controversial in sports. FIFA has banned the use of clothing such as hats, caps and hijab. The entity claimed that the ban was motivated by “reasons of health and safety” of the athletes.

The policy, which was created in 2007, was heavily criticized by players and athletes, who saw the ban as a prejudicial and intolerant attitude towards a different culture. After much pressure, FIFA abolished the rule in 2014.

The coin’s inclusion in the game was celebrated by gamers and netizens. Canadian Mariam Kourabi, who wears a hijab and maintains a Twitter profile dedicated to women’s football, celebrated the achievement by stressing the representative significance of the change.

“His impact on the big stages has already reached the biggest game in sport,” she said, posting a photo where she played with Morocco in FIFA 23. “And of course I played with the Moroccan national team and it is obvious that they scored a goal”.


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