Finland’s entry doubles NATO’s border with Russia

A Finland officially joined the BORN this Tuesday, when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization celebrated its 74th birthday in Brussels. After formally applying for membership following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine alongside Sweden, Finland has become the 31st member of the military alliance comprising 29 European nations, Canada and the United States of America. . Finland’s membership virtually doubles NATO’s border with Russia, which has threatened to take “countermeasures” and describes membership as an “attack on Russia’s security and national interests”.

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Even before the start of the war, Russian President Vladimir Cheese fries, has repeatedly raised the subject of NATO, the Euro-American military alliance, in conjunction with Ukraine. The country is currently one of three countries with a declared aspiration to join the treaty, having formally applied for fast-track membership in September 2022.

Finland’s entry into NATO is the opposite of what Putin wanted

NATO’s eastward expansion has long been a thorn in Putin’s side. “Any further eastward movement by the Alliance is unacceptable,” he said in December 2021, two months before the start of the invasion of Ukraine. “Putin wanted less NATO along his borders,” said the organization’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, in a statement, ahead of yesterday’s celebrations. “You get the exact opposite. He gets more troops, more readiness, more land, sea and air forces in the eastern part of the Alliance. And it attracts more and more members.

NATO’s stated policy of openness, included in the founding treaty, generally makes membership an option for European sovereign nations. The organization which began in 1949 between 12 nations has since attracted new members, particularly over the past two decades, from Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


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