Fires in Canada ‘paint’ New York’s skies with smoke

O Smoke from hundreds of wildfires burning in eastern Canada is moving south, casting a blanket of haze over New York City and triggering aerial warnings from Minnesota to Massachusetts in the United States.

More than 400 wildfires were active across Canada as of Tuesday, 200 of which were out of control, the Canadian Interagency Wildfire Center said.

Smoke from those same fires is moving towards the United States, where the mayor of New York has previously reported that the city’s air quality is becoming “unhealthy”. Several warnings have already been issued for people to tend to reduce the time they spend outdoors, with some choosing to do so with a mask, the New York Times says.

One of the most peculiar aspects of the smoke fog that has settled in the northern United States is the wide variety of colors it seems to create – not just gray, but yellow, orange and even purple.

The smoke is so intense that even the famous Statue of Liberty seems to blend into the cityscape.

Check out the gallery above for images from the city over the past few days.

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