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Free online programming and technology course with 200 vacancies. — Photo: Disclosure

Residents of Pará have until March 17 to register for the selection process for the new class of Redes DigitALL, an online course free programming and technology.

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Those interested in participating in the course, which lasts six months, can register via the Internet. A total of 200 positions are offered.

The initiative is from Fundação Bunge, in partnership with Bunge’s Global Digital Office and the Oracle Next Education program.

After completing the course, student CVs will automatically be included in the foundation and program vacancies bank.

Depending on the institutions, a Project Employability Officer will also look for possible employment opportunities for participants in the technological fields of different companies – the reference is made according to the available vacancies and the evaluated profiles framed with the selected positions .

“Anyone over the age of 18 who has completed or is in high school can participate in the selection process. Those interested in the field of technology and programming, who have at their disposal computer with internet access, in addition to the time available to devote to the course. An important point evaluated in the process is the inclusion of minority groups, which is why women and blacks are given priority in the selection,” explained the executive director of the Bunge Foundation, Cláudia Buzzette Calais.


According to the organization of the project, the course will take place between April and October 2023, remotely, and will consist of technical and socio-emotional training.

In terms of technical training, those selected will join the Oracle Next Education program, with access to technology-related content and a focus on programming, programming logic, Front End or Back End and OCI ( Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), in addition to entrepreneurship.

Regarding socio-emotional training, behavioral content will be worked on, focused on personal development, and aimed at increasing the employability of participants.

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