Gabi Brandt shows a credit card bill for BRL 377,000

Photo: Playback/Instagram

Digital influencer Gabi Brandt shocked the internet by showing her credit card bill for the month on Wednesday night (6). In a video circulating on social networks, it is possible to see the value of more than R$ 377 thousand reais.

The information was at the origin of the creation of memes and also of the revolt of the users of social networks who found the exhibition of the influencer offensive in the face of the economic crisis that Brazil is going through.

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“Do you think the three hundred thousand on the map is a meme? It’s not three hundred, it’s three hundred and seventy-seven,” said Yanka, a friend of the influencer, showing the bill closed at R$377,719.90. “How am I going to pay? I don’t know,” Gabi Brandt said with a laugh.

Gabi Brandt spoke on her Instagram after the card bill went viral. The influencer specifies that this is not recurrent and that in the past two months she has traveled a lot. As she was the only one with an international card, when traveling, the people who accompanied her also used the card.

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“I’m so happy to have met Anitta and to have seen her incredible show at the Montreux Jazz Festival! What fearless and fun energy! She showed me a lot of love, and I’m giving her back! From Brazil to the world! I love Brazil and all the amazing fans there! “wrote Shania Twain.

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