Gazprom says it cannot guarantee Nord Stream will work – News

ROME, JULY 13 (ANSA) – Russian gas company Gazprom said on Wednesday (13) that it “cannot guarantee the proper functioning” of the Nord Stream due to the detention in Canada of a turbine sent for repair.

“Gazprom does not have any documentation indicating that Siemens is able to take the gas turbine of the Portovaya plant outside of Canada, where it is being repaired. Under these circumstances, it is not possible to guarantee the safe operation of the plant, which is a fundamental structure for the Nord Stream gas pipeline”, reads the note republished by the state agency Tass.

A few hours later, however, the same news agency reported that the turbine “is on its way to Europe” and that five more pieces of the type will be sent to the Canadian company for repair “in the next two years”. Also according to the publication, the Canadian government has granted an “exemption” to the German company to carry out the work.

However, it is not possible to know whether the complaint was part of renewed political pressure from the Russians to cut gas supplies to European countries that imposed sanctions over the war in Ukraine or whether there is a real technical problem.

Supply through the gas pipeline, the most important between Russia and the EU, has been suspended since July 11 due to “scheduled annual maintenance”. But according to Tass, fuel delivery by Nord Stream has been limited to 40% of its capacity “since mid-June” due to repairs in Canada. (ANSA).

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