“He didn’t even say hello”


The whole situation was told by the singer and her family members, in the stories of the artist

Photos: Anita's official Instagram
Photos: Anita’s official Instagram

Last Monday (the 27th), anita has again become a topic among netizens. While chatting with his supporters, the singer decided to tell about a faux pas committed by her boyfriendCanadian music producer Murda Beatz.

According to reports from the Brazilian, in a moment of distraction while leaving the bathroom, the boy appeared naked in front of the singer’s family, which led to an embarrassing but funny moment. “It’s already part of the family.“, she says about Mur

“First of all, he didn’t even say hello!”, jokes the mother. Another family member role-played the reunion, while everyone enjoyed themselves. “Did he manage to hide the 3rd leg?, asked Anitta, laughing. The family takes advantage of the fact that the producer does not speak Portuguese to “play pranks” on him, as in the case of Anitta’s uncle, who exchanged a 20 reais note for a 20 Canadian dollar note.

After playing in Portugal, the Brazilian revealed, during a conversation with a Portuguese friend, that she had made a mistake. Anitta, surprised, remembers that she used the expressions several times in her show in the capital. “It’s an adverb of intensity!”, “I was saying that you are very good!”she argued, when told that the words “fod*” and “to caral**” are not good things in Portugal.

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