Here are the questions to be answered in season 5 of “The Handmaid’s Tale”

It’s been a year since Fred Waterford was murdered by a mob of maids in “The Handmaid’s Tale” season four finale, but now our beloved June is back, ready to take on Gilead.

The hit Hulu series returns to screens on September 14, and while June has finally exacted revenge on her abuser, there are still plenty of open questions to be answered in this new season.

What will happen to Fred’s murder?

Hulu’s synopsis for the new season says “June will have to deal with the aftermath of Major Waterford’s murder.” And will, even if justified, killing one of Gilead’s top commanders have consequences for our beloved servant.

Serena, Waterford’s wife, who is pregnant with the newly murdered commander, will be the key. In the new season photos released so far, she is seen in funeral outfits, and Hulu has teased that she will be trying to “raise her profile” in Canada.

Will June leave Canada?

The season 4 finale saw a June ready to let go after murdering Waterford.

Although Canadian authorities know he was an attacker, they are unlikely to leave a murder unpunished, so the woman could be forced to leave Canada, despite spending much of last season trying to get there.

Last season?

This could be the final season of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. One of Hulu’s directors, Jordan Hellman, said the “success” of the series “is the most important thing” for the company, but it’s also “very important to end the series organically. “. Which seems to indicate that they are at least considering this could be the final season.

The show’s producer, Bruce Miller, also left that possibility open, saying he “don’t know” if the series will end here.

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